Red oh Lady in Red

Dear My Precious Readers...
Its no secret anymore, my favorite color is white,
But i wanna try something different today,
I wanna wear RED

I know my skin appear brighter when i wear something in bold color
Red, pink, yellow, 
And yes, the bold color like this,
BOOST my mood!

This is not a new dress..
I own it since 2012,
But i wanna show some love the dress deserved 
I wanna put it on my blog :)

Do you prefer to see me on white or red,readers?
I must admit, i quite liking myself on red...
Maybe i will make another post wearing RED on my blog..

Thats all for today
Thank you for reading my blog!
See you

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


  1. Nice red.... pls do something violet later as well...

    1. Hello Mrs. Violette,,
      I will post something violet..
      But later..
      thank you for visiting my blog ^^


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