Dear my GADGET FREAK readers…

Have you heard about ACER Liquid Jade smartphone?

If you truly are a gadget freak..

Then I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it before…

(Or, you already own it in your hands now)



(3 foto dari depan samping n belakang)


I know a thing or two about this stylish smartphone..

And I will share it with you why this is become one of gadget freak’s favorite

1.       It’s the lightest 5 inch smartphone in Indonesia now

2.       FULL HD SCREEN with Gorilla Glass (the hardest and strongest glass you need)

3.       13 MP camera with 1/8 diafragma (so you can still capture things in the dark and still get a great pictures)

4.       0,3 second auto focus (so you can still capture moving subject nicely)

Hmmmm… very nice isn’t it?

We need a light smartphone, because nobody wants to bring a heavy bags now..

Yes, especially for my female readers..

We used to bring a clutch bag instead of ‘the real bag’ to make us more glamorous..

And those camera specification,

Im pretty sure I will need this to make a selfie, or to take a pictures of me and my friends in any condition!
Sometimes when we go to a café or a party,

The lighting is not supported us to make a good picture..

But fear not!

I think you can use this one..

Go to their counter on the nearest mall

And try how it works on you J



Now we are moving on how to get this ACER LIQUID JADE


And win 250.000 MAP voucher weekly…

I know you like to taking pictures with your fabulous outfit of the day or what’s in your bag pict

And then upload it on your Instagram?

(remember those days when you feel ultra confident?)


Now to win this competition, the steps are very easy…

Clozette Indonesia and Acer will make a super fun photo competition on web,

And each weeks, has a different photo themes…

The steps are very berry easy…

1.You must sign up or Log in as Clozette Indonesia member (I believe you are already a member readers, sign up if you haven’t)

2. Simply upload it on your IG! Using these hashtags #ACERLIQUIDJADE #CLOZETTEID

Very easy rite,

And now, we’re moving to the super fun part..

The photo themes!

The themes are:

1st week is WHAT’s IN YOUR BAG picture

2nd week is STYLISH SLIM look

3rd week is the CHIC IN BLACK N WHITE look

4th week is CASUAL YET STILL TRENDY look

So easy rite?

We will make this competition as a fun one..

Just do your best..

I will give you the examples

(Oh now Im being so jealous of you guys because you can WIN ACER LIQUID JADE)

Here is the examples

1.       Whats in Your BAG

I believe you already see this picture of what’s in your bag of me in clozette IG

Im sure you remember how light the product is, how strong the screen is, and (this is very important for me) the great quality of pictures with that high MP camera and everything.


2.       Stylish Slim Look

This is basically if you have a few tricks on wearing some clothes that makes you appear slimmer! Share your tips with us!

Remember, you don’t have to have an ideal body to join this, simply share your tips on having a SLIMMER look, but you keep it in a stylish way..

This is the examples, readers..

And please describe your look, and tell us the secret..

For example, I wear black to make my body appear slimmer, and of course the biggest secret NUDE HEELS to make my legs appear longer, taller, and slimmer

3.       Chic In Black and White

My favorite color is white, but I pair it with black to make it more stylish! And I remember to match it with my Acer Liquid Jade in white, and make my outfit become more stylish!

I want to see you do a trendy and chic mix and match with your black and white outfit. Its up to you, the houndstooth, black and white color blocks, black leather jacket or skirt or pants, or anything you want!

4.       Casual Yet Still Trendy

This is my casual look readers.. I wore a hot pink top with sheer details (im sure you aware this is become a trend now) with white jeans to make my pink become the spotlight, and guess what.. I still can’t get move on from my Acer Liquid Jade smartphone. I wear white jeans so it will be a perfect match with my liquid jade J

 Okay readers..
That's all!
I hope my explanation and pictures example are clear enough to you..
Enjoy the contest..
And i wish you the best of luck on this competition

With Love
Theresia Juanita


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