Latin Grammy Awards 2014 Best Dress Picks!

Now after the American Grammy Awards,
Let's move to the Latin Grammy Awards Best Dress...

What do you expect from Latinos actress?
Yes.. sexy and fierce are they're signature
They are not afraid of showing some skin, and wear a bold dresses color..

Here is my picks, 
Start from.....

1. Jacqueline Bracamontes

I love this dress the most... as you can see, wearing yellow makes her skin glow!
And she wears it with a coral lipstick.
Not too much, but still classy...

2. Shannon de Lima

Why is it sooo hard for me to find her picture wearing this beautiful blue dress.. I love the way she wears it. The dress hug her body perfectly!
She wears it with nude make up, so the blue dress will be the center of the attention

3. Debi Nova

Ahh,, i found one old hollywood glam..
Look at her black dress..
Black dress will never go wrong..
the details of the dresses are beautiful...
Its classic, and yet so modern...
But maybe, i prefer to see her wearing a necklace, or bold lipstick (red or plum will suits her look)

4. Pamela Silva

 Another beautiful and classy dress on the event..
Not too much details, with silk material,
Show some skin (what do you expect from Latinos actresses? they are fierce!)

5. Mauza Antonio

This silver dress is very breath taking!
The icy color, the cutting, i love it!
I know for some people this dress might be too much,
But you know what, even this dress is very outstanding,
Im sure she pinned every eyes with this dress that night..
(All pictures are courtesy of E! Online, source here )

TJ Says :

Are you happy with my dress picks readers?
Show me your favorite picks that night!
And see you on my next post

With Love,


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