Kendall Jenner, New Face of Estee Lauder
Source from Estee Lauder's instagram
4 days ago, Estee Lauder gives us a clear announcement on Instagram,
That Kendall Jenner, is officially become one of Estee Lauder's model..
If you take a look of Estee Lauder's instagram,
You will found Kendall Jenner's beautiful face, with soft brown smokey eyes, and nude lips,
and wear a red nail lacquer on her Ads.

And she even has her own page on Estee Lauder web!
I found it quite interesting...
She is gorgeous!
Source from Estee Lauder's instagram
With this change, its clear to me that Estee Lauder is trying to expand their brands consumer, 
from the younger (teenagers-20's) to the professional age consumer(30 above).
There are lots agree and disagree comments following Estee Lauder's HUGE step by asking Kendall to be one of their model..

Most of disagreements comes from people who might thinking she is success, just because she comes from one of the famous family in the entire world..
Kardashian and Jenner family..

But i think, they must have been thinking about this before,
The good and the bad side..

This is my thought about why they choose Kendall:
1. Estee Lauder wanna spread their brand expanded consumer news in a faster and more effective way, as we knew, Kendall has sooo many fans out there, and their family is one of the spotlight nowadays

2. Kendall has a good career in modelling, she has been walk in many of designer's fashion shows. Balmain, Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, and etc. Click Here to find out more

3. She has a beautiful and very symmetrical face just like her sister, Kim Kardashian. With those gorgeous eyes, pointy nose, high cheek bone, and everything..

Like or not, agree or disagree,
She is now one of Estee Lauder's face..
I won't bothered anyone's personal opinion about if she should or shouldn't be Estee Lauder's model,
Anyone has their own thoughts and that's okay :)

But if you ask me,
I will give her a chance to show the world she is capable to be the spokeperson for my personal favorite cosmetic brand :)
However, Estee Lauder won't choose her, if they think she's not good enough for their brand right?

And how about you readers?
Im waiting for your comment below!

With Love,


  1. Zzzz... are you seriously getting into this? I mean, Kendall is more beautiful than Kim. Kim is not beautiful at all, has no talent and yes, sex tape is the way she did to get her famous. I don't think you know what you are talking about.

    1. Dear Anonymous....
      Thanks for your respond on my article,
      As i said before on my blog, everyone has their own opinion....

      And i already mention, i agree Kendall become a new face for Estee Lauder....

      Thank you

  2. i heard kendall reject victorias secret 2015 this december cos she prefer to walk for chanel on the same day. kendall is SO FREAKIN PRETTY. love this post

    Xo Diras

    1. Woww!
      yeah i guess i understand why she choose chanel over VS...
      I want to see her more!

  3. I love Kendall Jenner! Agree with you, tj... I thought Estee Lauder wanna expand the consumer to younger people ... and sure Kendall Jenner will be the best muse for the brand, because you know it.. she's in top rank model now beside the fact she has the FAMOUS SIBLINGS ever... and born with really damn pretty face *envy*

    1. CaraD! hehehehe
      iyaa i agree... she has beautiful.. and she has a model face,
      i love her!
      btw i love your new hair


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