Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, Indonesia Fashion Forward 3

Dear My Precious Readers,

This is my report about Indonesian Fashion Forward 3 fashion show, 
that held in Fashion Tent, Senayan City, 1st November 2014,
on 18.30-19.00

The fashion show consist Billy Tjong, Andhita Siswandi, Jii by Gloria Agatha, and Tertia
(which one is your favorite,readers?)
In case you can't attend their show,
Here is the short preview of their collection, 
Hopefully this will helps you to enjoy their collection indirectly

Billy Tjong 

I have another review for his designs in collaboration with UFM, WRP, and Heavenly Blush on my previous article here,
Every piece came out freshly, new, and never bored me out. Every piece is shout loudly about what the designer's try to say trough his collection.
 that creates a BOLD  whole look in every piece he made, 
still with the digital printing technique,
every piece are soooo trendy and made for those who wants to give a STATEMENT and ATTITUDE on their whole look...

What i like from his creation is, he can makes you look bold, confident, very trendy, but on another side (night gown and bridal), his creation can make you look classy, 
showing your best part of body, but not losing the elegant side of his design...

take a look of this!
i like almost all of his collections...

the simple dress with digital print on it...
I LOVE this piece! the top and the skirt are everything!
Oh the skirt... the color! i want that
Another favorite piece of him
Very office appropriate! you can use this style to go the office!
This is one of my favorite,,
This is also my favorite.. (i end up liking all of his collection)
Hmm... i can imagine wearing it and become the centre of the attention!
Croco skin? why not? Make it RED!
Now, make it 10.. this is also my favorite! crop top and maxi skirt? i LOVE IT!
Look at the digital print on top!
If you take a look closely, its a TRAFFIC JAM print on the dress

Its a mix of emotion and character for me, 
As you can see, he can makes something sweet like that blue and yellow tube dress, white bustier and yellow skirt, and those blue and yellow maxi dress on his collection.
He also makes something trendy and bold like those red croco skin outfit, black crop top with red crocodile skin, and don't forget those white vest with very short pants.
 He can do anything, sexy, chic, bold, elegant! 

Andhita Siswandi

1 thing i remember about her designs are,
So princessy, girly, feminine touch on each and every designs
That's why i also love her designs, it has a consistent 'girly and feminine' message on each and every piece she makes,
blue, yellow, white, pastel colors, pearl, flower detail, everything makes us see clearly that her style is for a girl that is feminine and love to wear a dreamy pieces!

I remember i got an interview by passion for fashion team before the show, 
and they asked me about my personal style,,
my answer about my style is 
i love girly style, its kinda like princessy style,
now what i said is become a reality,
this designers have everything you need to look like a real life princess
The top is flowing like a cloud! dont forget to check the full pearl detail on the short pants

Blue and white outfit with A for Andhita Siswandi
You know what? i ADORE THIS PIECE

a mullet top with A sign, and the hi waist skirt with frill is drive me crazy!
Full of blooming flower!
This jacket also has an A sign on the back!
Pastel pink and yellow outfit, perfect for daytime getaway
Hello princess... can i borrow your dress? i LOVE THIS too!
This is also my favorite honey, i cant forget that top! see the pearls details on the collar
Dress and a transparent shirt, Hello Princess, i will also take your dress now
The top is sweet... the skirt is beautiful..
Now you got what i mean?
This is a feminine piece,
And every collection has a same feel :) 
Congratulation for your collection Andhita.. 


Tertia collection for me has a unique ethnic Indian style. The color palette on her collection are also an earthy color, brown, nude, bronze, green, but she can shock us with a shocking blue color on 2 of her model skirt, vest, and dress.

The single feather on her models hair reminds me of a land where Pocahontas live, and i guess, if Pocahontas live in this era, she will be wearing outfit like this.

 I also see a few long mullet skirts on her collection (which i love the most!) with a flowy and silky material. The skirt is moving freely every time the model walk! and its one of many reason why i love mullet skirt.

If you take a look at the collection closely, you can find that Tertia using batik or traditional ornament on her design, and as i can remember, he is the only one designer, that used batik and indonesian ornament on this FF3 fashion show.

The Jumpsuit!Very ethnic!
Blue makes the model looks outstanding!
I LOVE this style
Because i love princessy style, guess which of this collection i love the most? Yes, this is it
Nude and peach = simply gorgeous
Ready to go to the party..
Pocahontas will suit this dress well! i love this dress too!
Simple dress with the ornaments on the chest
Comfortable, simple, elegant in one style
I love the color of the pants and i love this style! its wearable
Look at the skirt closely, and also the ornaments on the top!
This is one of my favorite piece from her
Ethnic, fresh, earthy color..  But if you take a look closely, another thing came up, its the material. 
For me, she can use a high quality material, and make it looks wearable... 
I also love her mullet skirts... i want ittttt...

Jii by Gloria Agatha

Jii collection close the fashion show that day. With a cute, playful and sweet collections of her.. Still dominated with blue color, with cute print on her dress and skirt, and also the sweet headpiece by her...
I can imagine someone who are smiley, happy, bubbly person when i see her designs,,
Take a look at her piece here...

Can you see how cheerful her design is? very summery!
I've seen this style on her before... but with a different style, both are cuuutteeee
Look at her skirt (match print with the first dress) and headpiece honey...
Ahhh look at the cute bag!
I would love to wear the skirt
You named it, cheerful, happy, playful,
This style is very flirty!
Can i have the headpiece please?
This one is pretty!
Simple but cute
Ow Ow Ow..take a look at the bird, it wears a hat just like a model, VERY CREATIVE!
This is my favorite style of Jii

The characteristic of this dress makes me smile :)
I can feel the bubbly feeling on it, dont you feel it too?
with the color, the bird, the blue sky..
Ah and another thing i love from her collection is the headpiece!
Are they selling this? because i want it!


TJ Says:

I think we should give more attention to Indonesian country designers..
I know you probably heard more about west countries designer more than Indonesian,
I know you thought west countries designers have a lot of great designs,
Their shoes, their dress, their coat, and everything..
And its true..
Im a fan of some west countries designers too

Dont you agree that Indonesia has so much great young and senior designers too?
if you take a look at all this pictures of 4 Indonesian Fashion Forward Designers creation,
Dont you agree if i say, their designs are ready to compete with all the designers from west countries too?
They are young, and talented,,
Each and every designers have a different feel and character on their design,

As you can see..
Billy Tjong : i would say, its a mixed feeling between sexy, edgy, graceful, and give us a loud statement of what the designer's want, he can give you pretty, he can give you edgy, he can gives you anything... 
Andhita Siswandi : princessy, girly, feminine, i can imagine someone with the princessy character like Sandra Dewi wearing this collection,
Tertia : Ethnic with a modern touch, and tertia used batik on their collection. All of their collection are wearable, comfortable, but still elegant 
Jii by Gloria Agatha : Funny, playful, colorful, and with those headpiece, (dont forget about her monochrome dress with coat) makes me see England duchess or princess on a formal event.

This is just my thought readers,
I would like to say im sorry if you dont agree with my opinion,
This is just me,with a lot of passion of fashion, and interest on indonesian designer's creation..

So tell me, which designer attract you the most?
I will waiting for your feedback..
Thanks for reading..

Me and 2 passion for fashion crew..

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


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