Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, Grazia Glitz and Glam Fashion Show

Dear My Fashion Lover Readers,

Now im going to share my experience of attending Grazia Indonesia's magazine fashion show on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015,
its Grazia Glitz and Glam "Satu Bumi"
This event every years are always interesting and full of surprise,
The designers for this show, all are Indonesian artists,
You named it,
From singer, vj, actor and actress, you will find them in one event,
its Glitz and Glam fashion show!

Pevita Pearce and Afgan Syahreza

Pevita and Afgan's collection open the show,
Their collection are dominated with monochrome colors and army,
 With a little touch of edgy and boyish style on every collection.
But they also put a feminine touch with adding some cute monochrome bow on their model
Check this out!



Al, Pevita Pearce, and Rasya

Unfortunately, Afgan cant attend this event,
So we just can see Pevita here..
With Al and Rasya..
I remember last year when Al came out, all the guests are shouting with lots of excitement!

Look at Pevita's mini dress and black long coat!
I love her outfit! its sexy and yet classy :)
Monochrome, never goes wrong!

Iwet Ramadhan and Andien

Iwet Ramadhan and Andien collection this time is using batik Madura material,
I must tell you, i love their collection the most!
Feminine, flirty, and using batik for their design..
This collection are offering us a statement of a strong woman of madura,
who draw a motif on batik madura without any blueprint..
They draw every motif carefully and beautifully..
 Iwet Ramadhan also have his own clothing line,
called Tikprive

Tikprive also used batik as a star of their collection..
I love how mas Iwet and Andien put batik and 'modern' together..
everything feels right and lovely..

Maudy Koesnaidy, one of Indonesian's actress
Its Iwet Ramadhan, Maudy Koesnaidi, and Andien together!
If you ever came to any of mas Iwet Ramadhan (Tikprive) fashion show, then you will know this is mas Iwet's and Tikprive trademark, to use Indonesian music on his fashion show, and always give us a very interesting gimmick before the models are start to walk on the runway..
 I love how they prepared the concept!

 Olivia Jensen and Acha Septriasa

Olivia and Acha's collection for Grazia Glitz and Glam are mostly has a very elegant character,
Some of their collection are using pastel color, batik Mega Mendung ornament, dark material like a night sky with stars (on acha septriasa's first dress), aurora borealis (on marsha timothy's dress). What i love the most on this collection is those baby blue with mega mendung dress on Alika's dress

Marsha Timothy, one of Indonesian actress

Olivia Jensen, Alika, and Acha Septriasa
 I also love Olivia Jensen's outfit that day! it inspired me to buy a long white pants like that, and wear it with my white bralet and a blazer!
Well done Olivia and Acha :)

VJ Daniel and Nowela

These are Vj Daniel and Nowela collections. They bring us a shirts, hoodies, jacket, with Damn I Love Indonesia logo on every collection.But hey, its not just a shirt!
As you can see, they can put the style together so well..

VJ Daniel and Nowela

I love their fashion show concept,
With an implicit message for us to put an attention on our environment,
With the mask on their models,
Nowela singing, VJ Daniel came out with a few kids, all wearing Damn I Love Indonesia,
And everything!


TJ Says:

Im soo happy i can attend this show..
Grazia is one of my favorite magazine, and i already join a few of their events..
And i also attend their show last year to supporting ka Denada 'Kail Bags' fashion show...
If you attend their show last year, im pretty sure you remember an awkward moment where Luna Maya and Ariel met that captured by us and lots of photographer cams,
Krisdayanti on stage, Aming, and etc!
Grazia Glitz and Glam are very entertaining!
With a warm greetings from Ibu Tenik (Editor inChief of Grazia Indonesia) and all Grazia team..

Once again,
Thank you for helding such a great event..
Look forward to attend another Grazia Glitz and Glam event...

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


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