Heavenly Blush Yoghurt #BOWforHB

Heavenly Blush Yogurt Review

Im sure you have heard and tried this yummy Heavenly Blush Yogurt ?
And seeing this on instagram!
Oh i cant tell how many times i saw this yogurt on instagram, posted by my friends on IG
It makes me wanna taste it!
The first thing that catch my attention is their packaging that looks soo cute, with heavenly blush logo on it
It's mostly white, and a splash of yellow, purple, and red (depends on the taste) color on it.
Look at my picture below ladies :)
Oops.. don't feel thirsty now ;)
One thing i remember why im so happy they came in this form is,
I will be easier to buy this and drink it anytime i want!
I can buy this in supermarket or minimart near my house or office.
So, bravo heavenlyblush!

Thank you for help us to get this yummy yogurt easier!
With packaging like this, its easier too for me to bring it anywhere!
(even in the end of the day, i will still running to their counter and buy a medium size of frozen yogurt, and enjoy it myself) 
(oops, sorry, i can't share it with anyone!)

This reminds me of Billy Tjong's dress designs for Heavenly Blush!
They came in a various and yummy taste of yogurt,
It is strawberry , grape, and peach and they are soooooo yummy...
(my favorite is peach, what about yours?)


First i wanna review the peach flavor, for me, this is my favorite pick of all! 
The scent of this peach is really fresh and makes me wanna drink more!
And the taste, between sweet and sour, similar to the real fruit itself...
(but probably i will choose to drink this than the real fruit because sometimes, the fruit is too sour)
and plus, this yogurt contains a hi calcium and hi vitamin
So we can be healthier!

The taste of this strawberry yogurt is like a fresh strawberry with sweet, a bit thick, has a softer scent than peach, and for me, this is sweeter than peach,
The combination between white, red, and pink (on yogurt) itself is very pretty and flirty!

The grape flavor is very similar to grape bubblegum with strong grape scent,
sweet and sour mixed with grape scent and taste :)
For me, this flavor is also yummy!
the scent also makes me wanna drink this for more,
but my favorite, is still the peach one..


Which one of this are your favorite readers?
I have tried them all...
And i can tell you, this yogurt are a bit sweeter than their frozen yogurt
But what makes it sweeter is their flavors,
The peach,grape, and strawberry itself,
And as you can see on the packaging, 
It's less sugar, and that's why we need it,
And that's why i can enjoy my heavenly blush yogurt happily!
Without any doubts of being fat if i consume this everyday.

The flavor of each and every yogurt are different with one similarity
They used only a good quality yogurt as a base 
a HIGH CALCIUM yogurt!

Why i LOVE Heavenly Blush Yogurt
Because its YUMMY,
HI Calcium
Less Sugar 

Why should we drink Hi Calcium Yogurt?

Readers, im sure not just me,
But all of us having lots of activities everyday,
Named it, go to work, doing everyday work out,
We must have a strong bones to support all of this activities,
And to prevent OSTEOPOROSIS of course..
We wont be young forever readers,
And osteoporosis CAN happens to anyone, also on the younger age! 

Especially for my ladies readers,
We need calcium more, 
pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mommy, and pre menopause ladies need more calcium everyday 
its 1000 mg for people under 50 and 1200 for people above 50!

And nowadays, we are tired of having pills and capsules calcium,
why cant we drink something that is yummy, healthy, and contain a lot of calcium on it?
Yes you got the answer! 
You can drink Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink to fulfill your calcium needs everyday,
Without a fear of being fat or anything!

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