Dramatic White Looks on Teater Koma Republik Cangik Performance

Hello Readers...
How are you today?
And how's your Saturday?
Going out with your loved one? Watching Baymax? Hangout with your family?
 Im sure you had a pretty good day!

As for me,
I went to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta to watch Teater Koma performance yesterday,
"Republik Cangik"
This is my 5'th times attending their theater production.
Have you ever seen their performance readers?
source from here
Now move to the main topic,
Because im a fashion and beauty blogger,
I will share more about my look last night..
And of course because Gedung Kesenian Jakarta is a good place to taking pictures!

This place is like a home for me,
Because since i was just a kid,
I used to do my Ballet performance here..
Until i stop doing ballet and move to modern dance..

Me on Republik Cangik last night

Taking pictures in front of this event backdrop is a must...
I choose to wear white because white has always been my favorite color for outfit..
I  always feel brighter and whiter everytime i wear white


Gedung Kesenian Jakarta has a most beautiful and graceful decoration 
Very Netherlands..
Looks like a castle..
And as you can see, they still have a pictures from past times performance,

Can you see the #Sweet armband? this is my new favorite!


Dress by Cloth Inc
Jacket by (i forget the boutique but i bought it in China)
Shoes by Bershka
Clutch by New Look
Pearl Necklace by HnM
Armband by B.C.B.G

That's all for today readers..
Thank you for reading my blog..
See you on my next post...


With Love,
Theresia Juanita



  1. Replies
    1. I did! Never leave teater koma's performance with disappointment.. i love everything about it.. the moral and politic implicit message, the humor, the story, the costume, and everything,,,

      Thank you for visitting my blog Mrs. Violette

  2. Cantik banget sih! So pretty in white, Love the way you look! So fashionable <3


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