Belajar Dandan by Beauty Box Kota Kasablanka

Dear my Lovely Readers,

Let me share my experience of attending Belajar Dandan event, in Beauty Box Kota Kasablanka Make Up Class 18 Oct 2014..
I know many of my readers, already went there, buy a thing or two..
But for me,
That was the first time visitting beauty box store.

picture taken from BeautyBox site, here
Do you see the NOVEXPERT sign up there? we will talk about Novexpert more after this

Posing in front of NOVEXPERT display product, LOL

The store address is in Kota Kasablanka, LG Floor unit 18-21, the store is near to Killiney Restaurant, and for me, the store is quite strategic, (but i guess every make up store are always STRATEGIC for make up addict like us right?) hahahhaa.....

I love the decoration, display placing, the transparent glass door, the perfect light inside the store, (will pull customer's interest to go to the store!), the nice and informative beauty assistant, and all...
For me, i prefer to be in a small store like this  because its easier for me to find anything i need, and it will not so hard to find the beauty assistant at all, trust me...


This is our make up station!

All products are from Bo.Ho :)
What makes it interesting is, this beauty class held in a very private group, only 3 bloggers join this course.What's better than having a private make up lesson and product knowledge in private? i love their concept to introduce anything in private.. remember my article about glamglow thirstymud?
How they explain about this product one on one with each and every beauty blogger.

This could be a better way to introduce a products to us, to keep it in private so we will give 100% attention on what the beauty instructor said :)
So, once again, bravo beauty box team!
Novexpert products on beauty class that day

Closer look of NOVEXPERT products and GlamGlow ;)

They also introducing NOVEXPERT skincare line to us before we start to do our make up. Have you heard about this line readers? if yes, then good for you.. but for those who never heard or try it, lets jump to the next part, and it is....


Novexpert is the anti aging skin-care, that created by 4 French doctors, so basically because 4 doctors created it together, this skincare is automatically tested well, and even the dermatologists also give this as a receipt for a few skin problems.

Here, i quote from their website
"Novexpert is a cosmeceutical skincare brand created by a team of four French doctors who are recognised experts and researchers in the skincare industry. The result is the most effective anti-ageing formulations that are suitable for sensitive skin as well as safe for long term use – based on medical research"

And this skincare, mainly concern is about the anti aging problems. Make no mistake, we should start to use anti aging skincare before we enter our 30's.So the products will prepared our skin and make a stronger foundation each and every time you applying your anti aging skincare.

Im 26 now, so i already on my way to find the most suitable anti aging skincare for my skin. This product might be the answer...
another quote from their website
"The unisex range is the first anti-ageing care range guaranteed and Ecocert certified 100% natural in origin – a true innovation. Novexpert uses a natural system of preservation which makes the brand so unique, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and certified 100% hypoallergenic. Novexpert formulas are developed for optimal prevention and correction, targeting embryonic wrinkles, micro-furrows, deep wrinkles, slackened skin, skin tone dyschromia, acne and blemish-prone skin."

Our Beauty Instructor that day :)

Novexpert range of products

1. Peeling de Nuit
If you have heard about The Good Genes by Sunday Riley, this peeling cream may be works the same way. Its like a peeling cream that will peel your skin lightly everynight, so it will leaves your skin soft and brighter every morning. We will just use this cream for a whole one month (not more, but i guess you can do less than a month depends on your skin condition) click here for the price and further info about the peeling cream,

Peeling De Nuit Creme

2. Le Serum Vitamin C
This serum will compliment the peeling night cream as a combo, the serum itself will makes your skin smooth and glow, and will give a 'lifting like' effect (remember those anti-aging concern?). For the brightening concern, they will suggest you to use this serum to be the perfect partner for your peeling de nuit creme (like a robin for batman) click here for further info and price,

Le Serum Vitamin C
3. Contour des Yeux Lifting Expert
It said that this products will fix your dark circles, puffiness, and lift your eyes (again, remember their main concern is anti-aging).This probably what i need the most, i have a massive problems with my eyes. You named it, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and everything in 2 eyes! :'((( i wanna cry...
i got a chance to used it, but because i just use it once, i cant see any changes on my eyes...
Click here for the further info and price,
Contour Des Yeux

4.La Creme Anti Age Expert
I guess the use of this product is like a moisturizer and a prime... This used after you use your serum, and before you start to apply your make up. It used to moisturizing your skin makes your skin radiant and glowy. They have 3 textures of this anti age expert, beside creme (for dry skin like mine), fluid (normal to combination), and matte texture (oily skin), based on your preference and skin type.
click here for more info and price,
La Creme Anti Age Expert

5. Caramel Creme
Oops don't imagining something sweet and brown on a top pf your ice cream and cake right now, because im not yet done explaining about this product yet, LOL. This product is like your favorite tinted moisturizer. And no, it has no SPF on it. This caramel cream will even out your skin tone just like a tinted moisturizer, but still contain the anti aging extract on it. All of their products are!
this caramel has 3 shades that are suitable for your skin, ivory, golden, and bronzed radiance..
click here for more info and price,
La Creme de Caramel
There are a few Novexpert products introduced to us, and used on the beauty class event, but dont worry, if you still confuse which one you want to use, simply go to their store and ask the beauty assistants which products suitable for you.

If you are already familiar with Novexpert, lets move to the main article, its the

BEAUTY CLASS with Beauty Box

Hello there,, im ready to start!
Skin Care Department (GlamGlow and Novexpert)

 Let us begin with bare skin (but like other beauty class, i still manage to put a thin line of eyeliner and mascara). I put my skincare and sunblock before i leave my house everyday, and i hope all of my readers do the same, and start to thinking more on how to fix it rather than just cover it up with make up.

Hahaha,,, yes,, wide forehead (i hope it means i am smart in some way) LOL
Feggy, your and mine make up guru
We all do this.. bareface and plain eyebrow..
1. GlamGlow ThirstyMud
Like all the beauty class i attend, we must take care of our skin first before we start putting make up on our face. The first step is wearing GlamGlow mask, (i choose my favorite Thirsty Mud mask) all over my face and leave it for a few minutes..

after i leave it for a minutes, the beauty assistant ask me to massage my face a bit before i clean it up using water and cotton pad (okay, this thing is new because before, i never knew i must massage it before i clean it). And guess what, its true, i feel the different between just using it and clean it, and massaging my face before i clean it. It makes me believe in Japanese skin treatment method even more, massaging your skin everyday will make your skin texture better and softer. (i've mention it before on one day with menard and beyond beauty with grazia article on my blog).

2.Novexpert Peeling De Nuit

Of course i didnt use it because this supposed to use everynight while you are sleeping, this cream will work and make your skin softer in the morning because they peel your skin softly, but i just take a picture so you will got the pictured about the product and texture. As you can see on the picture, it has a thick and white texture on it.

3.Novexpert Le Serum Vitamin E

I must say, my skin is a bit sensitive, so i took this serum and test it on my skin. Will it leaves redness and warm sensation on my skin? my answer is NO, it's quite comfortable on my skin, but i still cant say anything because i just use it once, i must use it a few days, to know the effect. The texture of this serum is not as thick as the peeling de nuit creme as you can see on the picture. And just like other vitamin c serum, it leaves your skin glow and soft.

3.Novexpert La Creme Anti Age Expert

Like i mention before, you can use this creme after serum to make your skin moist even more, and to protect your skin from make up. (Remember readers, skincare first, then you can go to your make up after..). It has a coconut scent on it like thirstymud glamglow. I love the scent, and yes it makes my skin moist, at least my make up wont be too flat :)

4. Novexpert Contour Des Yeux Expert

For the last step, i used this eye cream, on my dark circle and puffy under eyes. The Beauty Instructure says, it will leaves like a pull up sensation on your eyes, but honestly, i didnt feel anything at all. The texture itself is rich like the serum, but richer, if you understand what i mean.

Make Up Session

Complexion kit :
I used Caramel cream, cream foundation from Bo.ho, and compact powder to set everything up!
Makes my foundation last longer :)

Just like other women in this world, i cant live with out eyebrow pencil, so this is the products used to shape my eyebrow. I draw my brow with Bo.ho eyebrow pencil, and then i fill it with brown eyeshadow and clean the excess using the concealer. I must say i love Bo.ho eyebrow pencil :) its very pigmented and last longer than my eyebrow pencil. Im thinking to get this eyebrow pencil.

Eyes Department
Like what they say, eyes is the window to your heart. I used green eyeshadow, match with my dress. The color are so earthy right? green and brown.. yummy...
This Bo.ho eyeshadow pigmentation is so so for me, but if you want any natural look, i guess this will be a great choice..

Lips and Cheeks department

Because my eyes are green, i need to use nude lipstick and natural cheek color to make sure my eyes will be the centre of the attention. I love the lipstick, and i bought it, i make it as my daily lipstick, the color is not too pigmented but i like it because it leaves a moist feel on my lips.

The Final Look!

This is my final look readers...
Hope you like it..
Tell me, is my eye color match to my dress? the green isnt exactly the same, but i try to make it at least in a same shade, green.. hehehehe...
Ah and i always love to put cat eye liner style on my eyes :)
It makes my eyes appear longer ^^

Hello Readers :)
The Conclusion

The event end with taking pictures with all the participants that day..
And here is the picture of us,
Im so happy i can attended this event..
I want to come to this kind of event moree....


What i love from the event, 
Once again because its private and i can hear the explanation clearly, 
The explanation of each products are clear.
The beauty instructor even help us to use the products, step by step :)

In every event, i can learn something new, getting to know some products, and plus, i can meet other blogger, and im sooo happy!!
Thank you Mbak Sannia for inviting me to this event :)

Group Photo :)

Thanks for reading this article readers... :)
See you on my next post!
Dont forget to leave a comment ;)
Thank Youuuu

With Love,


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