ROGUE by Rihanna perfume launcing 10 October 2014

Dear Ladies..

Im back to you to give you another event report,
Held by Grazia Indonesia
Its the Rogue by Rihanna perfume launching event in Empirica Jakarta,
And the party itself called 'White Party'
The theme, and all the guests dressed up in white...
Because white is my favorite color (you knew this), its not too hard to find white outfit on my cupboard

White Party Invitation

So basically, there are a huge Rogue by Rihanna backdrop on the venue
We can took a picture (or pictures hehehe) there,,

Here is the ROGUE perfume,
i LOVE the bottle, but i dont really like the scent

If you wanna know more about the scent,
simply click this link for the full reviw,
But if i can simplify the description,
It has a musky, leather, fruity, white floral, patchouli, sweet

But it reminds me of cough syrup and i dont like it..
And for my opinion it better for night because the scent is a bit heavy
But the scent is LASTING..
Thats what i like from Rihanna's perfumes..
I own R'ebelle fleur and i like it,

Grazia Indonesia team

Me and Ibu Tenik, Editor in Chief of Grazia Indonesia
I must say the whole event are just like the usual event on the club,
Empirica is one of the hit club in Jakarta..
And this is the picture of the crowds that night

Well i have to admit,
Im not a club goer readers..
I prefer some nice cafe with jazz music and some nice tea or hot chocolate,
with yummy canape...
(who dont like it anyway?)

But i wanna say thank you for Grazia Indonesia team,
for inviting me to this event,
Im sooooo happy!

With Love,


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