Product Review : Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo in Cooling Mint...

Hellow Readers...

I know there are a few of my readers who have a similar problem as mine
CAUTION : girls with thick, bouncy and volume hair are not count as one of us
(PS : im so jealous of you girl,, hahahhaa)

 So, my problems are:
1. Too lazy to wash my hair everyday
2. Have a long hair  (if you have a long hair, than you know, having a long hair means you must spend a lot of time to handle your hair)
3. Greasy roots

It makes me wondering how Rapunzel taking care of her hair, if she lives in a real life,
And i have a funny idea to let her live in JAKARTA...

I know on this HOT and SUNNY weather in Jakarta,
Everyone can easily having this problems...
But im sure, every problems has a SOLUTION.. :)

The solution for me is,
I know you've heard about dry shampoo before,
Some of them comes in spray, some of them comes in powder...

And today,
I will introduce you,to.....

click to see this on my IG

The product itself, comes in a powder texture,
It comes in a rounded pretty tin container,with a soft pastel color on it
And also those glittery pastel tulle between the cap and the body, adding some 'girly' and feminine feel
Very princessy! and i love their concept!

They have 5 variants on their product line:
1. Sweet Lavender
2. Cooling Mint
3. Romantic Rose
4. Chocolate
5. Fresh Orange

You can choose whatever you like!
Im more into ROSE scent person, 
But because i need something to refresh my hair, (Who doesnt need some refreshing cool mint effect on this hot and sunny weather?) i choose, Cooling Mint.

Here is the picture of the product itself,
I hope you can get along well with this product...

Do you like the packaging readers?
Some of us may say YES!
And some of us will thinking more about how BULKY this product is, and it will be hard to bring it with us anywhere..

You know, 
Some of us might wanna bring dry shampoo product on our bag!
But me, i feel more than enough just to put it on my hair before i go to office :)
It depends on your preference :)


I can't smell the mint scent of this products after i put it on my hair,
But i do feel the cool and mint effect on my head after :)
I don't mind! because i need this just to make my hair fresher!
And that's what i got..

For the texture,
I must admit that this powder is not as soft as a baby powder (or face powder!)
Clearly because this is dry shampoo and not a powder,
It used to absorb oil on your hair roots, and make your hair even more bouncy (to add some volume)


Its very easy, readers...
Just use one of your brush and apply the products on your hair roots..
And then massage your hair to make it the products absorb all the excess oil well !
This is how i use it...

Use your brush to apply products

Take proper amount of dry shampoo and put it on your hair roots
Massage your hair roots to help it absorb the excess oil

We're DONE!

If you don't have any brush (i know you need a lot of brush to apply your powder, blusher, and foundation)
Thats okay!
Just take a proper amount of SWEET PEA dry shampoo products on your hands,
Rub it on both of your hands, and then massage your hair roots,and brush your hair after!
(Dont worry, i've tried this product for a few times before i write this review, and i can say it works well too!)


This is my opinion, based on my experience on tried and tested this product for a few days :

1. This product doesn't make my hair roots itchy, (don't laugh, but i used to use my body talc product to absorb excess oil on my hair roots, and a few hours after i use it, i feel itchy on my hair roots)

2. Sometimes, if you apply it to much, it leaves a white particle on your hair and it looks like a dandruff, so you must apply it carefully and brush your hair more often to reduce the white particle

3. IF your hair is very oily, you can't just use it once, you must reapply it again during the day, and it means you must bring this product anywhere you go

4. If you feel the container of this product is bulky but you feel like you wanna bring it on your purse, simple move the dry shampoo to another container, that would be easier for you to bring

5. You must clean your hair well after using this product.. (you know, to reduce any dandruff possibilities.. We don't need extra problem on our hair readers)

But overall, i quite satisfy with this product..
This is a life saver for my hair,,,
(You know, despite all the problems my hair caused, i still manage to give the best for my hair)


If you wanna give this product a try,
Simply go to Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo instagram,
And use 'ENDORSEBYTHERESIA' code to get Rp 5.000,- discount !
This is a great deal because they sell this for Rp 55.000,-  on their IG :)

Thanks for reading my review readers..
I hope my review is clear enough,
See you on my next post readers!

With Love,


  1. Hiii theresia^^ aku udah baca review kamu, lengkap bangett. Very good review and you look so beautiful~~~ *envy*

    Thank you ya^^


    1. cici.. terimakasih udah percayain blog ku untuk review produk ini yaa... aku pake terus ini dry shampoo nya... bahkan aku taro di kantor skrg..


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