Estee Lauder Beauty Class With Mr. Vincent Xu part 2

Dear Readers,

Before this post, you've read about the excitement of Estee Lauder's beauty class with Lavie Lash, in Taman Anggrek on 20 September, so now im going to share with you about Estee Lauder's beauty class day 2 in Plaza Senayan. Mr. Erfan (Estee Lauder's PR) asked me to once again join Estee Lauder's event on Sunday 21 September 2014. Its a busy week for me but i feel very grateful to join this event once again, and.. become Mr. Vincent Xu make up model once again.. Its very exciting!

Me and my almost bare face...
I just draw my eyebrow, put on a  thin layer of eyeliner, and mascara on my eyes...
So it wont be hard to remove all my make up..

10 Minutes before we start the make up demo,
Estee Lauder's BA cleanse my face, and eyes (they cant cleanse my waterproof mascara hehehe)
They used Estee Lauder's cleansing milk and toner, but my bad, i forget the type of the cleanser
But you can check their website and find the perfect cleansers for your skin on their website, here

Im done with the cleansing, now im ready to do the next step :) 
Estee Lauder's BA just cleanse my face and didnt put any skincare on my face,
Because just like the day before,
Mr. Vincent will also thought the participants the best way to use our skincare,

I believe, its not just about the product that matters,
But also about the method of using this skincare and the steps :)

Mr. Erfan greets all the participants,
For the opening, Mr. Erfan (Estee Lauder's PR) start to greet all the participants,
That day, the participants are mostly, a beauty blogger :)
Mr. Erfan is a humble, fun, and smart person..
We all like him!
I wish you could see how he tease Mr. Vincent 


Make Up Demo by Mr. Vincent Xu

If you read my previous post about Mr. Vincent Xu, you must be familiar with his make up demo style.
Yes, he did my face just a half so you can see the different. Every step he did for me that day is same as the day before, and what makes it different is the make up style itself. Today he will teach us how to make a glamorous make up without putting 'too much'. So he puts a soft green eyeshadow on my eyes, and bold color on my lips :)
1. Skincare Routine

Same as yesterday, Mr. Vincent dab ME on a cotton pad, and put it all over my face...
After that, he put a proper amount of ANR2 and massages my face..
Its a very relaxing process :)
I used ME as my first step of skincare too!
I own it since last June/July (i forget)
And i gave one for my mom too, and guess what, she likes it very much..

Mr. Vincent and me :)


For the complexion, he also used the same products, its Illuminating Perfecting Primer and  Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, and in case you dont know, (but im sure you've heard this before),  ELDW is also their best selling foundation. In my opinion, it will goes well with those with oily skin, because it will holds oil, and make it glowing instead.I have a normal to dry skin, so i used this ELDW after my essence and moisturizer to make it glow a bit.

After that he used the same highlighter (as yesterday)  for my under eyes area,Mr. Vincent used Stay In Place Flawless Wear Concealer instead of  Double Wear Brush On Glow BB Highlighter. I just realize Estee Lauder also have this hghlighter/concealer product on their make up line after i join this beauty class. Estee Lauder is getting better and better on make up department, they answer our needs and provide it.  Highlighter in pen form is very in nowadays, i've seen other brands also have the same pen like highlighter on their make up line.

After that, he set the base with Double Wear Stay In Face face powder, its a matte texture powder, and it makes your make up last longer. For you who like the matte and full coverage complexion make up style, i suggest you to try this products from Estee Lauder.. Their foundation and powder are medium to full coverage, im sure you will like it!

3. Eyes Department

Aahh,,, this is what makes me very excited! the eyes department! First he brushed my eyebrow a bit, and draw a thin line using Double Wear Stay In Place Brow Lift Duo, and after that, Mr. Vincent Xu used Pure Color Five Color  in Emerald Oasis. Its green based eyeshadow,and i LOVE how green eyeshadow can somehow hide my puffy and dark under eyes. So i feel happy when he put green eyeshadow on my eyes...

Mr. Vincent using eyeshadow in Emerald Oasis
 After that, he applied Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Liner and More Than Mascara to finished my whole look. He draw a cat eye eyeliner style on my eyes, because he was inspired by one of the participant, who draw the cat eyes style perfectly. And i love the cat eyes style, don't you love it too readers?
Even if you are not in a mood of wearing color on your eyes, this cat eye liner style will make your look still in glamorous track... :)

4. The Glamorous Cheeks and Lips

For my cheeks, Mr. Vincent Xu using pink blusher, 
What i like from being a model for make up demo is, i must wearing something that is out of my comfort zone. Mr. Vincent Xu, using Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Electric Wine to give a bold statement on my face,,
Wearing something dark and bold like this is out of my comfort zone. 

At first he used the pink gloss to finish my whole look
I never used something really bold like black or wine, so i think this color is very safe for me,, but after that, Mr. Vincent decide to change my look to this Bold and Black lips...
This is
Ready to SEE the color???
Click this to see it on my IG

Electric Wine

I probably will never knew what i look like,wearing that 'almost black' lip lacquer, if i never join this beauty class.. and guess what, I quite LIKE it somehow..
But if i wear this color someday,
I will make sure to go light on my eyes...

Ahh... and we realize, Nabila Syakieb also attend this event,
Im sure Mr. Erfan invited her to join this event,
And i take a chance to take a picture with her...
Im happy to meet her on this event,

She is sooo tall and thin...
I am 165, and im wearing my 13cm heels..
But she still taller than me, although she wear (more or less) 10 cm shoes...
So i guess she is like 170 or more...

Saying Goodbye to Mr. Vincent Xu

Because this will be the last time i meet Mr. Vincent,
I dont wanna lose my chance to take a proper shot with him...
This is an honored to be his model for a couple days,
Thank you Mr. Vincent for teaching me how to do a bold look make up 
I hope i could meet you again someday

And that's all..
I have to tell you its truly a early birthday gift for me..
And this experience is priceless...
I wish i can join more event like this..
Learning something new, meeting new friends, and everything!

Thank you for visitting my blog,
See you on another post :)

With Love,


  1. hai cantik =) kemarin sempet ketemu di PIM 2 tgl 2nya hehehe...
    tapi sayang tak sapa menyapa.. karna kmu sibuk photo2 hehehe
    salam kenal ya =)
    just followed your blog


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