Breast Cancer Awareness Event by Clinique and Estee Lauder 2 October 2014


Hello Readers,

Im running back to you to write this report before its too late..
I can still feel the hype of this event, since this event hasn't passed too far from now..

Before i go any further,
Do you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month?
It's a month where everyone around the world are rising the awareness of this disease,
By helding events like this, ALL. AROUND. THE WORLD

You know, i feel very excited to come to this event..
Because i can see more pink and get a good excuse to wear pink more  (L.O.L)
Because i will get 2 important points on this event,,
  1. First : knowledge about BREAST CANCER,
  2. Second : MAKE UP experience with Clinique and Estee Lauder :) 
I can't ask for more! This is what i need since i don't know much about breast cancer...
So this is really a good chance for me to find out..
Have you find out more about it since this is a month of breast cancer awareness readers ;) ?

I did a little research and find a few sources from the internet..
click to the link in case you wanna know more, readers :)

The Venue....

I came early to the event,
When i arrived there, its still 1.15 pm (the event started on 2)
So i just spend my time to walking around the PIM and find a venue for my second event there...
(I will tell you more about it after this post), (and yes... a couple events back to back on a same day honey..)

After that, im heading back to the main atrium of PIM2,
And talk to the friendly Clinique Beauty Assistants, asking if this is the right venue for the blogger event today,
I feel impressed with the venue, not just because its PINK
But also,the way they manage and do the event layout :)

Here, take a look....

A beaaaauuttiful Clinique counter on the Venue :)
I believe you will at least dropped by if you are here,
The stand is very 'POP OUT',
And very on theme...

The carpet, the decoration, and all...
I feel very calm and happy when i see pink..
(Do you ever feel the same?)

And this is not ALL,
Now, i will show you the stage, and everything,
And you must believe me when i tell you,
The stage is dominated in PINK too!

Walk on the pink aisle!

Even im not wearing pink often,,
But because the dresscode on that day is PINK,
I try to slip into my pink Bershka dress, and pair it with my nude gold heels (also from Bershka) and nude bag (from New Look), just to soften my whole look :)

Here is the picture,
Do you like my outfit readers?
I hope you do...

Hello readers.... :)
After taking photos,
Ms. Rina (Clinique make up artist) asked me if i wanna be her model for today's beauty demo,
I said YES, and they ask me to be at their counter at least 20 minutes before the make up demo start

Me and Ms. Rina
I didn't put much make up on my face
I just wear mascara and eyeliner, and also draw my eyebrow a bit ( because i thought i will joining their make up competition that day).

The Event

Breast Cancer Awareness Talkshow

The event hosted by Mr. Mario, PR of Tempo Group, and they having a talkshow about breast cancer with Ms. Prisiella (i always meet her in every Estee Lauder event ). But unfortunately, i cant stay and hear the talkshow clearly, because when they start the talkshow, i went to Clinique's counter (in SOGO) and start the cleansing process, before the make up demo started :(

But i get the main point of their talkshow,
Is to raise the awareness of this disease, because ANYONE can hit by this bad disease.

We can prevent this disease by simply doing this,
1. Checking our breast regularly, by clinical and self breast exams, mammography, genetic screening, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging.
2. Maintaining our ideal weight
3. Avoid drinking alcohol (thank's God i hate alcohol) and smoking (i hate this one as well)
4. Maintaining healthy lifestyle (doing workout regularly is one of the best way)
5. Avoid exposure to radiation and environmental pollution ( i don't know how to avoid myself from environmental pollution, seriously..)
6. Breastfeeding (for woman with child, and guess what, i just learn new things!)

Now a days, the trigger of this disease can be very various, lifestyle is also a big factor not just for breast cancer, but also for any disease. So we must stand together to at least care with our own breasts, and doing what we can to prevent this disease.

Make Up Demo

They actually doing 2 make up demo, first one is by Estee Lauder team, and second one, is by Clinique team. I don't have much photos of me, become a make up demo model, so i get a helpful hand from my other blogger friends to take a picture of me during the event :)

Before the make up demo started,
Ms. Rina cleanse my face, and doing a little skincare routine, to prepare my skin before the make up start
and this is the step..

a. Cleasing 

This is a base step before we start to do make up,
Cleansing process..
And here are the base products (cleansing and make up base )
Clinique milk cleansing, toner, moisturizer, and cc cream...
(i remember to take a pict of them, before i forget to mention the products)

My favorite above all of this product is the moisturizer,
I own it too! and i know it smells like soya milk or something, and its safe for our skin because there is no fragrance or anything on this moisturizer :)

b. Make Up Demo

Documentation of Rumah Cantik Putri by Reihan Putri

- For the complexion, Ms. Rina used :
CC cream (as pictured above) as a base,
Moisture surge cc cream swirl to hide imperfection on my face,
Perfectionist blended face powder, as a finishing touch to set all up!

- For my eyes,
All about shadow quad in pink
Mascara (i forget which one she used on me, but you can find out the best clinique mascara by clicking the link)
super fine liners for brow (this is so easy to use.. and i love the natural brown color on me)

- For my cheeks
She puts a proper amount of chubby stick cheek color in Roly Poly Rosy,
There are total 4 color of chubby stick cheek color, and i swatched them all for you, readers...
Here is the picture

Left to Right : Rhobust Rhubarb, Roly Poly Rosy, Amp'd Up Apple, Plumped Up Peony
- For my lips,
They using the newest lip product on their line, its Long last soft matte lipstick number 48 (matte petal)
And guess what, i also swatch a few of them for you..

Left to right up and above: 47, 48, 49, 50, 51

Im sorry i just swatch the lipsticks and the chubby cheek stick, because this is the fun part, to actually see it IRL and swatch them on my skin :) so you can get a better view of the color too right?

Blogger Make Up Competition

After the demo, we are start to do make up competition in Clinique counter on the venue.. 
I still have a picture of my blogger friends, try to find the best color make up, and to show the best to win this competition! (There are a prize for the best make up and best dress!)
But i didnt join this part because i already wear make up from the make up demo.

All the excitement are show on this pictures..
Having fun with Clinique make up and create the best make up looks!
Who won't feel happy about that?

The Winner is......

Catra winning the best make up category,
Melissa as the favorite,
and Reihan Putri as the best dress of the day...

Yeaaaayy,,,, congratulation all! :)
Sadly i cant stay until the end of the event because i have another event waiting for me on 4pm..
(I've mention before that on the same day, i must attend 2 events, back to back)
It is very FUN and i enjoy every minutes on this events....

People I Met On The Event

This is a picture i met on the event,
I love the way this event gathered bloggers to join their event,
And even ask us to wear pink to match the theme,
Im happy i can meet Reihan, Feli, and other bloggers on this event...
And also the The Tempo Group PR, Mr. Mario, Estee Lauder teams, Ms. Prisiella Yessy and Ms. Wulan, its a very nice day to hang out with them
Here is the picture of me, Reihan and Feli on the event
We are happy to be in this event!

And that's all readers..
Huh Hah,,, 
Its a very LONG post right?
I know, hahahaha

Im looking forward to come to another event by Clinique,
Since im not fully enjoy the talkshow,
But i do enjoy my task as a make up demo model :) 

Thanks for reading,
And see you on another post!

With Love,



  1. Nice to meet you Kak Tessa :)


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