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ROGUE by Rihanna perfume launcing 10 October 2014

Dear Ladies.. Im back to you to give you another event report, Held by Grazia Indonesia Its the Rogue by Rihanna perfume launching event in Empirica Jakarta , And the party itself called 'White Party' The theme, and all the guests dressed up in white... Because white is my favorite color (you knew this), its not too hard to find white outfit on my cupboard White Party Invitation So basically, there are a huge Rogue by Rihanna backdrop on the venue We can took a picture (or pictures hehehe) there,, Here is the ROGUE perfume, i LOVE the bottle, but i dont really like the scent If you wanna know more about the scent, simply click this link for the full reviw, But if i can simplify the description, It has a musky, leather, fruity, white floral, patchouli, sweet But it reminds me of cough syrup and i dont like it.. And for my opinion it better for night because the scent is a bit heavy But the scent is LASTING.. Thats what i like

One Day at Menard Seibu Grand Indonesia..

Hellow Readers.... How are you? Im happy i can greet you and write to you more often now... I hope it makes you more interested to visiting my blog everyday! If you have any question about beauty or fashion i might understand, Dont hesitate to send me an email, I will do my best to help you :) Okay, now back to the main topic readers... So now im going to write a report about Ladies Day Out with Female Daily , In MENARD counter Seibu on October 4, 2014 (I hope you are familiar with Female Daily because i mention them a few times on my blog, and i join their events here and here ). On the event Just 3 days before the event, I got a phone call from Mrs. Niya,  from Female Daily Asking if i wanna join their event with Menard, The event will be held in Seibu beauty lounge (just beside Menard counter), Grand Indonesia at 1-2 pm She explained that there will be a facial and face mask treatment during the event! She said, the

Product Review : Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo in Cooling Mint...

Hellow Readers... I know there are a few of my readers who have a similar problem as mine CAUTION : girls with thick, bouncy and volume hair are not count as one of us (PS : im so jealous of you girl,, hahahhaa)  So, my problems are: 1. Too lazy to wash my hair everyday 2. Have a long hair  (if you have a long hair, than you know, having a long hair means you must spend a lot of time to handle your hair) 3. Greasy roots It makes me wondering how Rapunzel taking care of her hair, if she lives in a real life, And i have a funny idea to let her live in JAKARTA... I know on this HOT and SUNNY weather in Jakarta, Everyone can easily having this problems... But im sure, every problems has a SOLUTION.. :) The solution for me is, DRY SHAMPOO I know you've heard about dry shampoo before, Some of them comes in spray, some of them comes in powder... And today, I will introduce you,to..... SWEET PEA DRY SHAMPOO click to see this on my IG The product i

Beyond Beauty With Grazia Indonesia 2 October 2014

Hellow again readers.... Im here again to give you a report about Beyond Beauty event with Grazia Indonesia, In Fiddleheads, Pondok Indah Mall 3, street gallery. Im running here from my previous event on the main atrium of Pondok Indah Mall 2 This event is held by Grazia Indonesia, and Beyond Indonesia I know you've heard about them before..   Grazia Indonesia is one of my favorite women magazine, provides all we need from a magazine.We need beauty articles, fashion articles, love and life issues, and everything!. And Beyond is a skincare and make up line from Korea, the counter is in Pondok Indah Mall 1, near to Metro. But what makes it unique from Beyond is, they only give us the best by giving the best from nature, and not doing any test on animal on their products. But their products are still various, with a very cute packaging, and great skincare products. We can't ask for more! that's all we need in our beauty products right?    The Venue Here