Pin-up Rockabilly Full Skirt by Dayglow Vintage Singapore


Oh how i miss to write and share something to all of you..
And thanks God i got another chance to do what i love the most,
Write and share my thoughts with you, readers....

So after almost a month,
Whats new with your life?
New job? New offer? New Boyfriend/Girlfriend :p ?
To me, everything is changing...
Not with my working life,
But more from my hobby and from the world i LOVE the most

Later i will write about 3 new topics..
Clockwise Photography, Estee Lauder event with Mr. Vincent Xu, and Bodygroove dance competition....

Back to the topic...
For introduction, i want you to check my picture below..

I cant tell you how many looks i made here, in white,,,
I just love to wear WHITE for so many reason,
But my reason to make this post, is not to make a persuasive move to wear white,
But i want to share to you, my readers,
How to make a vintage look with this white polkadot skirt...

This is how ladies did their look..
With pearls, skirt, shoes (maybe not as high as mine... its 13cm), and everything on 50's -70's

This Pin-up Rockabilly skirt is material is satin and polyester..
And if you wants something vintage but also chic and wearable
This skirt is the answer,,,
The skirt is flowy, and it reminds me of marilyn monroe's skirt on 7 years itch movie...
Have you watched it ?

(aha,, the movie was produced on 1955, so if you havent watched it, i totally understand)
(but please understand when i say i already watched it, i know i have some old fashioned taste, and this is one of it) *little bit shame*
Pinup Rockabilly Full Skirt
Click to go to their website right away

Oh how i love to see this skirt..
It has a very versatile style..
If you want to go to work with this skirt, i suggest you to wear it with :
1. Shirt and wear a pearl necklace,
2. Tank top and cardigan
3. Halter neck
4. Cute top and scarf
or anything... anything you want... :)

If you want to go to a party, just wear it with sabrina top (just like me, or halter top, or anything you want) Do mix and match with it...

Do you like this skirt readers? 
If you want it but you prefer it in another color,
Dont worry,
Miss Lilian also made it in a few color choice, 

I know you started to pick which color you love the most..
Black, white, grey, PINK
Yes they made it in PINK too,,
Who dont like pink? most of girls are love this color...
(Im one of them..)

Choose black for more vintage feel,
Wear it with white tops and RED LIPSTICK
Wow.. you will be the center of attention...

Okay readers...
Thats all for today..
I hope you are happy with what i write here...

And i wanna know your feedback about my post,
Will you help me?

"What tutorial, or what look you want me to do on my blog?"

You can write it on the comment box below,
Or if you want to keep it private,
Why dont you send me an email?

I want to keeping up with my readers,
And hear what you need from my blog..
If i can help you,
I would be VERY happy...

Yeah because im not writing this for myself,
I write my blog for all of you,
My precious readers :)

Thank you for reading my blog,
And see you on my next post!
Click to see this on my INSTAGRAM

With Love, TJ


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