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Estee Lauder Beauty Class With Mr. Vincent Xu (Estee Lauder's Global Make Up Artist) Day 1 (20 Sept 2014)

Dear My Readers, If you are following my blog from the very first time.. Im sure you've seen my posts about me, joining this kind of event... Beauty event is something i CAN NOT resist... Because i always interested in art,fashion,and beauty world.. And im looking forward to meet new friends, sharing the same passion and meet the expert of art, fashion, and beauty world... Tell me readers... What's your passion in life? Im sure you have hobbies, and interests beside just working.. (Or are you one of them who are lucky enough to work on the field you LOVE the most?) For me, This event is one of many ways to fulfilling my needs of being a better beauty blogger.... I saw this adv on LavieLash instagram, And i signed up to join this as a participant... And i came with my bare skin, but i manage to put on a little eyeliner and mascara.. Im ready to following Mr. Vincent Xu make up tricks step by step.. Sorry, this was taken by my front camera... bad quali

Pin-up Rockabilly Full Skirt by Dayglow Vintage Singapore

Readers.... HOW ARE YOU ? Oh how i miss to write and share something to all of you.. And thanks God i got another chance to do what i love the most, Write and share my thoughts with you, readers.... So after almost a month, Whats new with your life? New job? New offer? New Boyfriend/Girlfriend :p ? To me, everything is changing... Not with my working life, But more from my hobby and from the world i LOVE the most Later i will write about 3 new topics.. Clockwise Photography, Estee Lauder event with Mr. Vincent Xu, and Bodygroove dance competition.... Back to the topic... For introduction, i want you to check my picture below.. I cant tell you how many looks i made here, in white,,, I just love to wear WHITE for so many reason, But my reason to make this post, is not to make a persuasive move to wear white, But i want to share to you, my readers, How to make a vintage look with this white polkadot skirt... This is how ladies did their look.. With pearls