Clozette Indonesia, My Fashion and Beauty Bible!

Greetings my Readers…

Do you have a favorite site, where you can find a lot of inspiration?
From party outfit, working outfit, bags, accessories, make up?
I have! And this site always be my favorite site..
And no one day passed without me opening this site…
So, now it’s my time to share it to you all, my readers…
I’ve promised you to explain more about Clozette Indonesia,
And how I can be one of the ambassadors of Clozette Indonesia (I am proud being one of Clozette Indonesia Ambassadors!)
Here is the Clozette Indonesia Layout
(So you can get a picture about how Clozette Indonesia (and their members) always INSPIRED me)

You must start to get yourself a snack, and a cup of tea, and maybe a cup of hot chocolate for me
I will tell you more about Clozette Indonesia now…
I’m waiting for you to back to your laptop..
I promise you will find it helpful and you will love Clozette as much as I do…

Share Your Personal Style :

Share your #OOTD or FOTD on Clozette Indonesia! Clozette Indonesia crew always pick the interesting FOTD and Today’s Outfit from members every week. It could be your picture on this side! If you want your picture to be picked, start to be active and upload your pretty pictures, as much as you can.. If the theme is match, maybe you are lucky to be picked readers! :)

Not only sharing, you can also browse through what the other Clozetters share.
My favorite, video tutorial, could be a make up tutorial videos, hijab tutorial videos, hair styling videos, from youtube or from Clozette Indonesia members…  I always find make up inspiration from Clozette Indonesia’s videos…. Trust me it helps ! You don’t have to manually looking for it on youtube… Clozette will picked it up for you, pretties….  And that’s why I found this is really helpful.

This is become one stop shopping for us right ladies? J not just getting any inspiration.. after you found any style you like from Clozette Indonesia, but you havent got what you need (I really need to find a nice croptop now -_-) you can go to SHOPPE  right away to find anything you want to wear! Click here to see the shop lists

And not just that, ladies…
You can also shop the things you like on Clozette Bazaar , where Clozette provides a shop section for all members! The sellers are trusted and selling only cool stuffs…

Here is the preview,
Click the Bazaar (hyperlink to: tab and you will find a lot of stuffs!
But remember ladies!
You are not allowed to selling anything from your collections.. (from your folders)
You must sell it on bazaar section..
If you try to sell anything without permission, your post will be deleted right away…

Click the Bazaar tab and you will find a lot of stuffs!
But remember ladies!
You are not allowed to selling anything from your collections.. (from your folders)
You must sell it on bazaar section..
If you try to sell anything without permission, your post will be deleted right away…


Clozette Ambassadors
Wow Wow Wow…
This is a special for Clozette ID Ambassadors… when you click on ‘check out their latest post’ , the pictures from ALL ambassadors will shows up rightaway! I’m happy and delighted to be one of the ambassador..
I will tell you more about this… keep reading!

This is the first thing came up on your screen once you go to!
Very Interesting right? Not just pictures, but also videos..
Clozette also provide beauty tutorial videos, nail of the day, hijab of the day, bag of the day, outfit of the day, etc
This site is very helpful… I can tell you

Why I Love Clozette?
Well, let me tell you something..
I always find some clothes inspiration from Clozette!
Working outfit, weekend outfit, make up, bags and anything...
I always find some inspiration from other Clozette ID members...
And also, I upload my pictures to Clozette…
Face of the day, outfit of the day, make up, and etc…
Share my own closet to other member…
Being INSPIRED and inspiring other…
Sharing is everything ladies! J
Here is myClozette page readers  
I have 16 collections here..
Collections means folders….

My page...
Fashion show, Shoes gallery, Clozette Id event, Travelling style

Make up collection, Skin care collection, My closet, My semi formal look

Today's outfit, Beauty weekend outfit, Hair of the day, Office events

FOTD, Evening Gowns, Instagram, Office outfit

I know you already familiar with some sites, offering you only some outfit inspiration 
But this one is different...
It’s everything you need just in one click!

We make a community for fashion and beauty lovers,,
Members are posting their cool pictures everyday here.. #OOTD, working outfit, party outfit, casual outfit, traditional outfit (uuuhhh,, just post your pretty look in kebaya or any traditional outfit, or cheongsam!), and hijab outfit.

And for beauty community (hyperlink to: , we provide #selfie section (selfies from clozette members, make up (member’s interesting make up haul), skincare (take a good care of your skin start from now!), nail section, and fragrance section! (oh how I love to collecting fragrances.. ! clozette id literally have everything I need here), and videos…

Special for Instagram, you can upload it right from your IG account, just add #ClozetteID on the caption or comment, and it will also uploaded right after you put the hashtag!
See how it works by clicking this link.

Become an ambassador
One day, I received an exciting email from Clozette…
It says that Clozette choose me as one of the ambassador…
And of course I answer YES!
It is like a dream come true for me! (I’m not being over readers, but being one of the ambassadors for a site you love, your inspiration bible, of course I’m HAPPY).
Yeayyyyy!!! :)
It’s an honoured to sit as one of the ambassador with so many Indonesian’s beauty and fashion blogger..
I can’t give you other conclusion, but go to and make your membership there…
Join the site, sharing your picture, enjoy the excitement!




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