Black Witch of The Middle Forest

"Who says witches are always old..
Who says witches are always scary..
Who says witches are not aware of fashion..
But yes, this witch is wearing black.... "

Are you ready to fly to the middle forest with me?
Let's use our imagination a bit...
Are you ready?
I will take you there now..

Yes, this 180 years old witch can fly!

Watching those 'Witches of East End' on Star World,
Inspired me to make this theme on my blog...
Well they dressed up mostly in black..
Have a very sexy seductive aura around them...

Do you know who's my favorite character ?
i love aunty WENDY...
She is right in the middle!

source :

Mädchen Amick as Wendy Beauchamp in Witches of East End
source :

I adore her!
She is a strong, kind, helpful, seductive lady...
(And plus, she is an aunty.. just like me! hihihiii) 
You should watch this movie..
And if you see her, you will understand why i LOVE her

Its impossible to be as gorgeous and strong as her..
So i will not keep my smile any longer..
Being a witch is not easy at all readers,,, 
LOL (and so is walking with my heels on this rocky way)

skirt by : Lolly Shop shoes by : MNG

Do you like my witch outfit readers?
If you were a witch,
What will you wear ?

I guess.. 
This witch is watching television very often
See how she wears that mullet skirt, readers?

After this,
I still have another shot, taken in this location...
(Same location, different spot)
I don't wanna lost my chance to get a good background in this beautiful location...

Thanks for visitting my blog, readers..
See you on my next post!



  1. As usual your blog content is always interesting mbibbbq.. ��

  2. keren tes, tinggal di tambahin sparkling2 aja biar sama kaya di witches of east end hehehe...


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