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Breakfast With Audrey Sponsored by Dayglow Vintage Singapore

Dear Readers,

Im pretty sure you can guess what i'll bring to you today
If you see my picture above....
The clue is :

"Harpers Bazaar magazine has just put her granddaughter as a cover on this month!"
Yes, im imitating Audrey Hepburn's signature style while filming 'Breakfast at Tiffany's 
wearing one of the most famous dress by Dayglow Vintage
This dress called 'Breakfast With Audrey' dress....
and its obvious, why Miss Lilian named it so... :)

This dress is doing Audrey Hepburn look in sophisticated and modern way
This has been one of Dayglow vintage best dress..
And many ladies wearing this dress..
Just check on their instagram here

The dress itself,
Has a comfortable material...
It is not easy to wrinkle,
And as for me,
I used to wear it with my black pointy flats too!

Back to the topic
Now i will show you my take on imitating Audrey Hepburn famous pose...
Im sure you've seen her doing this pose many times before...

And i love this style so mu…

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