Wing That Liner Look by Clozette Indonesia (The prize is BENEFIT PUSH UP LINER)!!!!

Dear My Beloved Readers.......

Have you heard anything about 'Oh So Now' eyeliner from Benefit
They're real Push Up Liner ?
Im sure you've heard much about this,googling for some info about it, and some of you maybe already owned it... :)
well,, at least i did...

I have some GOOD NEWS for you readers :)
But this time, only for my Indonesian readers

Clozette Indonesia will give you Benefit Push Up Liner FOR FREE!!

Take a deep breath...
Yes you are not mistaken,
I said it is for FREE,,,

This is what we are talking about....

Ikuti Kontes dan Menangkan Benefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner!
CLICK this picture for more info :)

I know you are excited now...

Me too...

This is how to get this eyeliner for free....
1. Sign up to! (i've told you readers, there are soooo many advantage of becoming a member of Clozette Indonesia!)
2. Click the BIG picture above and you will know how to win this..
3. This contest end on 26'th July, (what are you waiting for honey?go get it now!)

If i can summarized, 
The rules is so easy, after you are signed as clozette Indonesia's member,
You just write under the picture,
Which liner style you like? 

So what are you waiting for ladies?

Sign up NOW!!
And WIN the competition!



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