Semi Ulzzang Make Up by Theresia Juanita :-D

Dear Ladies...

Here is another Face Of The Day post by me...
(I realized my blog is more about fashion than beauty)
So i post this, to keep everything in balance :) hahaha...
This is my FOTD last saturday....
I can see imperfections on my skins, dark spots, dark circles, and everything!
I never wear foundation, BB creams, powder, or whatsoever to office...
I only do my skincare routine, put a light make up on my eyes,and just go...
Click the picture to see on IG
What's on my face ?

Day skincare:
Estee Lauder MicroEssence
Laneige Waterbank Essence
The Face Shop sunblock SPF 50++

Laneige BB Cushion Snow (Oh i LOVE bb cushion.. it provides light coverage on your skin, and high GLOW effect on your skin!this is what i need)
Guerlain Meteorites Pearl in Claire
Chanel Fleur de Lotus Blush

Guerlain Meteorites Pearl Claire

Guerlain meteorites pearl in every angle :) aren't they pretty?

I only used the blush... :)
Semi Ulzzang Eyes...
Candy Luve Blue by Geosoftlense
Nudetude Palette by The balm
(color used : stand offish, sassy, seductive, sleek, serious)
Heroine make long and curl mascara
Lancome hypnose drama (i mixed them)
VS black liner
Aubeau liquid liner
Urban Decay Brow Kit

So flirty.....

Nudetude The Balm

Lips :
Benetint by Benefit
Victoria Secret clear gloss

My Thoughts...

I prefer light make up than heavy make up now..
I concentrate to fix my skin condition now, to make it more healthy..
2-3 years ago, i never put any skincare on my face..
And i regret it so MUCH

But now,
I  have a big concern on my skin condition...
Im so into skincare products now...
And i never use powder, bb cream, foundation, or whatsoever to office...
Its to make my skincare works better..
And prevent my skin from breaking out, dry patches, etc...

And i started to drink a LOT of water,,
I drink minimal 3 lt waters everyday..
Drinking a lot of waters, bring a good effect on my skin..

Have a nice day! :)

Have a nice day everyone...
See you on the next post readers :)
Hope this post help you to find your weekend make up inspiration 




  1. Those Guerlain pearls are majestic in its habitat, lol. Wished to get them someday~ ^_^

  2. Hi :)
    i know... it smells so good too..
    but i found my face a bit breaking out after i used this.. hiks..
    but i will still use it!
    its too pretty to resist :)
    thanks for dropped by..
    have a nice day

  3. TJ sorry oot, love ur lacey top deh. Beli dimana yah kalo boleh tau? Hehe. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hey gorgeous :)
      aku nnti akan post ootd ku ini di blog ku...
      nnti bisa diliat rok dan top nya beli dimana yaa.. :)
      wait wait.. it will be post this week


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