Nude Pink Dress and Queen Elsa Hairdo..


Nude pink is my favorite neutral color beside white...
I think i must collecting more nude pink dresses...
(aha now i find some excuse to go shopping)

Nude dresses bring 'sweet' effect instantly..
It brings your girly side out of you
And maybe will brightened up our day too...

As for me,
Just seeing soft color like this, will lift up my mood,
It makes me feel calm and feel better....
My room is pink too! :)

I feel very girly wearing all blush color...

Nude Blush + Queen Elsa's hair do
on instagram

And i have to say a thing or two about my shoes...
I call it 'Sepatu Boneka' in Indonesian language,
Or we can say 'Doll Shoes',
The color, the ribbon, makes it more DOLLY :)

Some of my choice that day, is either nude or black

When it comes to my personal style,
I never choose anything too complicated,
Too much, this and that, too funky,
I used to wear soft color like this, one piece dress, and simple accessory..

I never use too much accessory,
Some people may say my style is very plain..
But hey, that's my style anyway :)

Ahhh.. and that day,
Im infected by Queen Elsa Frozen hairstyle..
But she dressed up in blue, (im in nude blush)
 Im more into spring than winter anyway :)

wearing pink rose earrings..
I love this rose earrings since the first time i saw it..
And my choice is right to buy it.. :)
Feeling girly instantly!
Do you like it readers?

My side braid hair :)
I also choose nude blush color for my make up..
And i make my eyes appear brighter, wearing circle lenses and lashes..
(Im wearing lavie lash in Snowdrop)

I choose nude pink lipstick by YSL (YSL Rouge Volupte no 1 Nude Beige)
And i choose Chanel Blush on Rose Tourbillon (its a fresh pink blush, and i love the color and the rosy scent on it)
Rouge Volupte Nude Beige and Chanel Rose Tourbillon blush on :)

This color makes my whole look fresh and girly :)
Do you agree readers?
And this is my F.O.T.D that day...
Pastel for my eyes, lips, and cheeks
Click this picture to see on my Instagram
Pink Nude Make Up

Do you like my make up readers?
I hope you do,
And i want to hear your feedback on this look..
Thank you for staying here with me, readers :)
 I hope you like my blog... :)

See you in my next post :)



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