My Style Diary : One Fine 'Green' Day....

Hello Readers...

Happy Eid al Fitr for all my moslem readers out there
Im sure you are all having a happy holiday there,,,
With your big family, friends, ketupat, opor ayam, rendang, and all that stuff ....
And im feelin happy for you too guys :)

While you are busy with vacation and all..
Im doing some meeting for upcoming project today..
Im pretty excited (yeaayyy ^^)

Strike some pose....

After the meeting i try to take some photos..
Simple outfit.. for a not so simple day! 
(This is the first time im wearing jeans on my blog)
I usually prefer to wear dress or skirt..
But today...
No skirt and dresses allowed... hahahaha
Being casual on the casual day...

I've told ya,, i LOVE nude shoes...
I love this color combo..
Black, green, jeans, and nude are okay..
Yeah, just okay..
(Why i always thinking about spinach every time i look at my peplum top)

Well yes... yes... a simple make up, not help much..

A very STIFF left arm pose....
Beside wearing a simple outfit today,
I also wearing a very simple make up today... 
I just do a few things on my eyes,
But i just toooo lazy to wear any foundie or bb cream (but i still put some cindy lou as a blusher on my cheeks)
And yes, i try to do the 'gradient lips' technique on my lips 

I wonder, what are you wearing on Eid ul Fitri day?
Must be prettier than my outfit today...

I just randomly picked my outfit today..
I want something simple
To help my 'not so simple' duty at home...
Yeah... -_-

Peplum top : Ciel, jeans : Guess, green clutch : Suite Blanco, shoes : Stradivarius
Thank you for visitting my blog Readers,,, 
I hope you can send me some putri salju cakes, or nastar, or anything (kidding)
Have a pleasant long holiday...
And be happy all the time :)



  1. heelsnya bagus banget, tj <3 <3


    1. Iya vina... tapi masalahnya bikin kelingking lecet.. yg ini bahannya kaku banget


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