My Style Diary : Blue is the Sea.. Blue is the Sky..


From where i stand right now,
I can smell something so good... *put a big grin in my face*
(Uhh i hope my teeth is clean)

I can smell.,.......
Yeaahhh... holiday,
it is near from us now
(well not too near right now but its less than a month honey!)

Are you excited readers?

Im pretty sure,
That you and your family already planning to go somewhere,
Or to do something
On that special long Idul Fitri Holiday

So, tell me what's your plan readers, share your plan with me ;)

Prepare your sunglasses, and we're ready to go!

If you ask me,
What i want to do during the holiday..
Im thinking about SEA right now...

I really wanna go to the beach,
I wanna hear the sound of the sea,
I wanna walk along the beach alone,
And enjoying sunset..

It must be very INTERESTING...

 Blue as the Sea

What i want is very different,
With what will happened in a real life..

I will not go anywhere this holiday.. -_-
I will just stay at home during the holiday,
(and i still have to clean the house during the holiday)
ha ha ha....

(make no mistake, i love to do that job, i just need to play with my imagination, and pretend to be Cinderella)

Dress by Lolly Shop
Bag by Zara

Well, i know it is sucks not going anywhere on holiday..
So, instead of being sad,
I go somewhere and wearing blue outfit
To reminds me,
Of how beautiful the sea is...
So, i wear BLUE.... :)

Blue is perfect for summer

Pairing my blue outfit with black strap shoes and navy blue bag
Shoes by Mango

Well, going anywhere or not, keep your smile on your face!

Do you like my outfit ladies?
Blue, white, and black are best friends!

Do you think so ? :)

Maybe i will go to the nearest mall,
And maybe,
I will shop a little,

Or maybe i will loosen up a bit,
Eat big portion food

 Oh i LOVE fish.... i LOVE seafood 

Now im being cheesy and out of topic...
(But dont you think it looks delicious?) 

Okay, let's back to topic!

I want to share my tips on wearing royal blue color like this, 
1. If you want to play safe, and keep the spotlight on you outfit, keep your make up simple, but if you want something BOLD, wear dark red lipstick instead,
2. Royal blue is match with white and black.. or if the clothes is all royal blue (one color only) put black accessory (to keep it safe), pearl necklace (to play it sweet), or gold (trust me this one is better if you are wearing all blue)
3. And for shoes, i suggest black (if you choose black accessory) and nude shoes (if you choose gold or pearl accessory)

But readers, this is just based on my preference,
If you have another tips,
Don't keep it for yourself! share it with us here..

Well that's all,
Thanks for reading my blog, readers,
I wish you a wonderful and stylish day!
See you on my next post :)




  1. hai, TJ *lambai2* welcome to the blogging world :D
    btw, that's a very pretty dress!! Love everything about it (details, cutting, color, etc)!

    1. Hello Yuniiiii
      Thanks udah mampiiirrr *lambai2 balik*
      aku lagi asik ber blogging ria nihhhh
      aku dah mampir juga tadi ke blog muu...
      blog mu dah banyak isinya..
      punyaku masih begini aja ahahaha

  2. Very amazing blog
    Welcome here beautiful........
    I love with ur outfit today...
    I like ur
    With love
    By Zane...

    1. Hello By Zane,
      Im glad you like my blog :)
      thanks for visitting my blog and dropped a comment..
      i appreciate it..
      have a nice day!

  3. wow your blog is so amazing ! I love it ! :)
    Here's my blog if you wanna check it out or maybe follow for follow? Just follow me and I'll follow you back if you want to :)



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