My Beauty and Style Diary : Silver Black.. Grey Black..

Hello Readers...

How are you today? i hope all is well, and i truly hope today will be a good day for us..
Ah and happy fasting for my moslem friends..
I hope everything will be smooth and good till the last day of fasting... amen!

Today is the first time for me to post beauty article on my blog,
I hope i can do this as good as other beauty blogger out there... hehehe...

Okay, lets start from the eyes..
I use circle lenses to make my eyes appear bigger,,

What brand is your favorite?What color suit your skin tone well readers?
My favorite lenses color is blue,

For Eyes :
Lavie Lash Lashes in Fleur,
Eyeshadow from Naked 2 Palette (Verve, Blackout, Tease)
Brow is from UD Brow kit
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

Face of the day

For Face :
Heroine Make bb cream
MSFN Mac shade light
Bourjois Amber Rose blush on
MAC Lipglass shade lust

I choose to used neutral color for my lips and cheeks
Because my eye makeup is bold,
So to keep everything in balance,
I choose nude to soften the whole look a bit ;)

Black hi waist skirt is my favorite fashion item beside pump shoes and white dress..
Easy to pair it with any blouse color we want :)
(psst its not a dress... its 2 pieces outfit)
Do you like it ladies? :)

Thats all for today,
I'll see you on my next post :)
Thanks for reading,



  1. You are a doll!! so pretty! I just stumbled upon your blog! And wow it is amazing, definitely one which is great for inspiration. I love this post specially the great vivid pictures! I would love for you to check out my blog, which by just scrolling through your page, I know you will love!! Keep up the good work

  2. i've visited your blog and wrote a comment on your post :)
    you have a great blog! i should learn much from you gogui...
    keep in touch...


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