Make Up Tutorial : Simple Korean Eyes and Summery Pink Lips :)

Dear Readers...

This is the first time for me,
Making a make up tutorial for my blog...
Not really the first time,
But this is the first time i will explain my make up routine,
Step by step...


Product used :

Estee Lauder Micro Essence
The Face Shop White Tree Snow
The Face Shop Sunblock
( i dont know since when i wear much TFS product.. but hey, this white tree snow essence is good!)

Face :
Covergirl Simply Ageless Foundation
Etude Cookie Blusher (just a little bit)
The Balm Cindy Lou (as a blush!)

Eyes :
Urban Decay Naked 1 palette eyeshadow
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Lancome Star Non Waterproof Mascara
Black eyeliner for under lash line and brow
Lavie Lash Amaryllis
(no brow kit needed this time...)

Lips :
The Balm Benetint and Anna Sui Red Lipgloss
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick no 31 Fuschia Tourbillon

I really need a BIG guts to put korean make up style here..
Yeah you know why,,
Korean make up doesnt help MUCH..

They never used any circle lenses,
They never put thick eyeliner,
Never put any bold color eyeshadow,
So i must say, this is very scary because im not as perfect as them...
With their soft smooth skin and already wide eyes,,,

I will try my best to do this! :)
Lets start!

Step by Step

I start from the eyes...
Yes, because im sure i will keep my cheeks clean from eyeshadow excess etc,
I still have a chance to clean them up before i wear foundation...

Pardon my shocked and scared starred eyes
Korean make up style :
1. Draw your eyebrow,
2. Putting your liner only under lash line, and on your lash line, not more..

Sin from Naked Palette for my under eyes
3. Put light colored eyeshadow under your eyes, (i used SIN from Naked Palette)

I use Sidecar, also from Naked Palette, all over my lid
4. Put light brown (sidecar by Naked Palette) eyeshadow all over my lid (korean style make up never use complicated technique for eyeshadow hihihi...)
5. Use virgin to highlighting your browbone...

Mascara mode ON

 6. Well, for the last touch, you can use any mascara you like.. Im using The Falsies Maybelline mixed with Lancome Hypnose Star..
Well, this is optional... if you want to go without any fake lashes, you are done with your eyes now.. :)

7. But i DO want to wear my Lavie Lash it makes my eyes POP hehehehe

Amaryllis by Lavie Lash

If you want to do some sexy cat liner style, use liquid liner to make it MORE dramatic :)
Readers, if you want to put cat eye style, you can add it now..
But im not in a mood of that cat eye liner technique today...
So i will start to wear my foundation and a bit of bronzer

After i wear CGSA foundation and The Face Shop contouring kit
 8. If we are done with the eyes and face, next step is cheek... im not using a very pigmented blush, i just used a little amount of blush, i used just a liiiitttlllee bit of etude cookie blush, and the balm Cindy Lou... on my skin, this can be a blush too..

9. I have 2 choices here.. first using red lip tint and lip gloss or wear something pink and fresh on your lips :) pink lipstick is perfect for summer...

Pink lipstick to freshen up your look :)
Choose anything you like on your lips :)
And we are DONE yeay !
Here is the final look 
Fuschia Tourbillon (RV 31) Lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent
I need to cut my bangs ASAP..
I have a wide forehead! hahahahaa...

Thanks for reading my blog readers..
I hope, this is useful :)

Next i want to do red lips look, or maybe the summery blue eye make up tutorial..
Blue is very IN now..
You can find blue in any brand for their summer collection
YSL, Chanel, BobbiBrown,
And i dont wanna missed this trend :)

See you later readers...



  1. cute banget pink lips nya :)

    btw, aku follow kmu say :)

    1. Nisa....
      Thankyouu.. aku juga dah follow kamu di google nis..
      Oh ya Minal Aidin Walfaidzin ya nis...
      Happy Eid ul Fitri :)


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