Do the Cha Cha with my 'See U at The Bund' Cheongsam

My Beloved Readers...

You've seen my semi-formal style with my coral flowery cheongsam on my previous post,
And you have read, how i love to wear cheongsam for some special event,
Now is the right time for me to show some love for this 'See You at The Bund' cheongsam by Dayglow Vintage

Beside vintage dresses,
Cheongsam are their speciality too!
You've seen my previous post on how great their chain reaction green dress is,
And how Miss Lilian, the owner of Dayglow pull out her look with her Noah's Origami cheongsam...

Now you can see this dress is perfect for go out to the mall or anywhere you want too!
This dress is very wearable
And shows our lady figure instantly

Do you know, at first i've planned to do the elegant pose,
Just a simple pose,
click click click!
And it will be done...

Here is how i supposed to pose,
The basic pose,
To show this dress elegancy

I want to wear it like our lovely Miss Lilian...
With a simple pose
And show how this dress hug her body well

Just look at this picture of her
Wearing Mr. Postman cheongsam
(i've told you, she is so creative when it comes to naming her dresses)

You will fall in love with her,
And the dress she wear here!
Take a look at this picture below
Fair skin, with lime green dress,, oh so good!
Now you know why she named it Mr. Postman :)

Before we go any further,
Let me explain why i put red splash on my looks..
I prepared 2 shoes for this photoshoot
it will be either this or my black shoes..
(both are peep toe shoes)

Black by Bershka, and Red by New Look

i want to put something fresh and cheerful,
and make it more 'me'....
so i add red flower accessory, and wear the red one,,
and apparently i made a right choice... :)

Betty Boop Pose
Another Betty Boop pose!

Back to the topic,
On that day, on the photoshoot,
I became too excited, and i cant hold it!

I supposed to do the relax and cool pose,
But because i love this dress too much,
(first time i get this dress, i already imagine myself wearing this to go to my family gathering, or to go to the mall on the weekend, its very wearable!)
I cant stop do the 'happy dancing' poses!

Penguin dance

Singing in the rain song dance

Umbrella by Rihanna dance

Can Can France dance...
Maybe because im overjoyed with the ambiance of Museum Sejarah Jakarta..
Oh, and for my readers from other country,
United States, Singapore, Estonia, Turkey, India,Germany, New Zealand, China, and Finland,
(Im checking my blog audiences, and im very happy i got new friends from these countries :) hello there!) Have you ever heard about Museum Sejarah Jakarta (Museum Fatahillah)?

This museum is AMAZING :)
Make sure you go there, if one day you decide to go to Indonesia...
(Museum open until 3pm)

Okay,back to the topic....

This is what i love from this dress
1. Made from 100% Cotton Stretch (shell) Polyester (lining), so even you are sit for long time, or sleep, or dance (aha) with this dress, it will not wrinkles! i hate if i have wrinkles on my dress,
2. This dress is very wearable, you can wear it to go out on weekend, or to a semi formal party.. multifunction dress :)
3. This dress hug our body figure well... it shows our body curve
4. I just love to wear cheongsam,, as i said before, so there is nothing i dont love about this dress..

The material , Check ! The cutting, Check!, The color, Check! The length, Check!
It's the elegant, comfortable, wearable, and feminine in one dress...
I know im not the only one, who love Dayglow Vintage dresses, readers ;)
I know you started to like it too since my very first post wearing their dress... 

If you like it,
Simply go to their website, and buy it..
Wherever you are,
Because Dayglow is shipping worldwide!

Do you have cheongsam? wear it proudly if you have it!
Don't just keep it in your closet
Let us see,how you dressed up beautifully in cheongsam..
And share the link here.....

Thank you for reading my article
And have a NICE day :)



  1. Love the cheongsam :)

    Love, Leonita

  2. Simple and pretty. That's really a good match with the hair accessories. Sweet choice. Love it!

    1. Thank you Vinia.... :) at first i still torn between wearing that hair accessory or wearing red lipstick.. but in the end,, yeah thats what i choose... hehehehe

  3. You're so pretty, and yes I love cheongsam dress too, it somehow boost every women's appeal, and I can see it on you. So fabulous :)

    modimelodi | A blog by Moudy

    1. Thank you Moudy
      im flattered reading your comment :)
      Have a great day


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