Chain Reaction Wrap Dress by Dayglow Vintage Singapore

 "Attention.. Attention..."

I'm Calling all the Vintage Dress Lovers!
Yes, You, You, and You :)
I bring you,

Chain Reaction Wrap Dress
Before i'm saying anything about Dayglow Vintage and this dress,
I need you to take a look at my photos below..  
This is the Chain Reaction Wrap Dress im talking about.... 

Simple but still steal the spotlight

Walk with me!
It's so vintage and elegant

Do you like what you see readers?
This dress is completely fulfilling my criteria for a 'simply elegant' dress
Means? it doesn't need to add this and that to make it good,

I tell you why i love this dress, and im sure you will say 'I Agree!'
1. It doesn't need lots of accessory, you can just wear it like this, and go..  
2. I love the 'Body Hugging' cutting, it shows our waist and curve ladies :)
3. The color is subtle but this dress will make your skin appear whiter
4. This is the 'Day to Night' kinda dress... you can wear it to work and then you can go out at night, also with it,, add some pearl accessory with smokey eyes make up, and you are so ready to go!
5. The fabric is very comfortable (rayon lycra)
6. Wrap dress is timeless... :)
Chain Reaction Wrap Dress doesn't need too much this and that

It's effortlessly chic :)

I love this dress...
And i'm so grateful i can find Dayglow Vintage clothing store,,
Take a look at their shop,
And you will see, their style is different...
Beside this vintage dress,
Dayglow also sell some pretty cheongsam and necklace..
Ohhh you should see their cheongsam,

Follow this link to see their cutest collection
1. Nine Lives Cheongsam
2. Caffe Lady Retro
3. Noah's Origami Cheongsam
4. See U at The Bund Cheongsam

Do you like their cheongsam?
Its just so cute! and i even see Miss Lilian wearing this cheongsam and she looks very cute!
Take a look at this picture, readers

Origami Cheongsam, cheongsum, qipao, modern cheongsam, modern qipao, modern cheongsum, dayglow vintage cheongsam
Miss Lilian in Noah's Origami Cheongsam ( i dont know cheongsam can be this cute! but she can make it cute!)
Cheongsam can be cute too!
And i love this Noah's Origami on her..
She paired it with coat and boots,,
How cool is that, readers?

Miss Lilian is the owner of this cute vintage clothing,
And she is so chic!
No wonder she can creates so many cute dresses..:)

Closer look of the dress

Guess what...
Dayglow Vintage clothing, also has another wrap dress,,
They also have the Bubbles Monochrome wrap dress, and Peacock's Vanity wrap dress...
(Miss Lilian is very creative when it comes to naming her dresses..)

Miss Lilian in Bubbles Monochrome wrap dress..

Seeing this dress,
Reminds me of Princess Kate Middleton style,
Simple, elegant, and very chic!

Do you like it readers?
If you like it,
Go get this dress now! 
And dont worry,
They're shipping worldwide!

Thanks for reading my blog, readers...
I hope you like my article..
And see you in another post :)



  1. cantik dan elegan banget ce ! like it
    btw ,aku nominasiin di liebster award ""

    1. angiee... makasih angiee..
      ini aku juga coba2, tapi syukurlah kalau hasilnya ga jelek2 amat
      makasih udah nominasiin aku ya dek..
      aku ga ngerti nominasi apa sbnrnya (maklum baru 2 minggu punya blog)
      tapi makasihhh ^^

  2. Nice blog and sharing, I wish you to have a happy day~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary)


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