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My Style Diary : One Fine 'Green' Day....

Hello Readers...
Happy Eid al Fitr for all my moslem readers out there Im sure you are all having a happy holiday there,,, With your big family, friends, ketupat, opor ayam, rendang, and all that stuff .... And im feelin happy for you too guys :)
Well.. While you are busy with vacation and all.. Im doing some meeting for upcoming project today.. Im pretty excited (yeaayyy ^^)

After the meeting i try to take some photos.. Simple outfit.. for a not so simple day!  (This is the first time im wearing jeans on my blog) I usually prefer to wear dress or skirt.. But today... No skirt and dresses allowed... hahahaha

I love this color combo.. Black, green, jeans, and nude are okay.. Yeah, just okay.. (Why i always thinking about spinach every time i look at my peplum top)

Beside wearing a simple outfit today, I also wearing a very simple make up today...  I just do a few things on my eyes, But i just toooo lazy to wear any foundie or bb cream (but i still put some cindy lou as a blusher on m…

Make Up Tutorial : Simple Korean Eyes and Summery Pink Lips :)

Dear Readers...

This is the first time for me,
Making a make up tutorial for my blog...
Not really the first time,
But this is the first time i will explain my make up routine,
Step by step...

Product used :

Estee Lauder Micro Essence
The Face Shop White Tree Snow
The Face Shop Sunblock
( i dont know since when i wear much TFS product.. but hey, this white tree snow essence is good!)

Face :
Covergirl Simply Ageless Foundation
Etude Cookie Blusher (just a little bit)
The Balm Cindy Lou (as a blush!)

Eyes :
Urban Decay Naked 1 palette eyeshadow
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Lancome Star Non Waterproof Mascara
Black eyeliner for under lash line and brow
Lavie Lash Amaryllis
(no brow kit needed this time...)

Lips :
The Balm Benetint and Anna Sui Red Lipgloss
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick no 31 Fuschia Tourbillon

I really need a BIG guts to put korean make up style here..
Yeah you know why,,
Korean make up doesnt help MUCH..

They never used any circle lenses,
They n…

Semi Ulzzang Make Up by Theresia Juanita :-D

Dear Ladies...

Here is another Face Of The Day post by me...
(I realized my blog is more about fashion than beauty)
So i post this, to keep everything in balance :) hahaha...

This is my FOTD last saturday....
I can see imperfections on my skins, dark spots, dark circles, and everything!
I never wear foundation, BB creams, powder, or whatsoever to office...
I only do my skincare routine, put a light make up on my eyes,and just go...

What's on my face ?

Day skincare:
Estee Lauder MicroEssence
Laneige Waterbank Essence
The Face Shop sunblock SPF 50++

Laneige BB Cushion Snow (Oh i LOVE bb cushion.. it provides light coverage on your skin, and high GLOW effect on your skin!this is what i need)
Guerlain Meteorites Pearl in Claire
Chanel Fleur de Lotus Blush

Candy Luve Blue by Geosoftlense
Nudetude Palette by The balm
(color used : stand offish, sassy, seductive, sleek, serious)
Heroine make long and curl mascara
Lancome hypnose drama (i mixed them)
VS black liner
Aubeau liquid liner

Wing That Liner Look by Clozette Indonesia (The prize is BENEFIT PUSH UP LINER)!!!!

Dear My Beloved Readers.......

Have you heard anything about 'Oh So Now' eyeliner from Benefit
They're real Push Up Liner ?
Im sure you've heard much about this,googling for some info about it, and some of you maybe already owned it... :)
well,, at least i did...

I have some GOOD NEWS for you readers :)
But this time, only for my Indonesian readers

Clozette Indonesia will give you Benefit Push Up Liner FOR FREE!!

Take a deep breath...
Yes you are not mistaken,
I said it is for FREE,,,

This is what we are talking about....

I know you are excited now...
Me too...
This is how to get this eyeliner for free.... 1. Sign up to! (i've told you readers, there are soooo many advantage of becoming a member of Clozette Indonesia!) 2. Click the BIG picture above and you will know how to win this.. 3. This contest end on 26'th July, (what are you waiting for honey?go get it now!)
If i can summarized,  The rules is so easy, after you are signed as clozette Indo…

Do the Cha Cha with my 'See U at The Bund' Cheongsam

My Beloved Readers...
You've seen my semi-formal style with my coral flowery cheongsam on my previous post,
And you have read, how i love to wear cheongsam for some special event,
Now is the right time for me to show some love for this 'See You at The Bund' cheongsam by Dayglow Vintage

Beside vintage dresses,
Cheongsam are their speciality too!
You've seen my previous post on how great their chain reaction green dress is,
And how Miss Lilian, the owner of Dayglow pull out her look with her Noah's Origami cheongsam...

Now you can see this dress is perfect for go out to the mall or anywhere you want too!
This dress is very wearable
And shows our lady figure instantly

Do you know, at first i've planned to do the elegant pose,
Just a simple pose,
click click click!
And it will be done...

Here is how i supposed to pose,
The basic pose,
To show this dress elegancy

I want to wear it like our lovely Miss Lilian...

Face of the Day on Chain Wrap Dress Photoshoot...

Hellow Readers...

How's your day?
All good? i hope you are in a good condition now :)

I got some input to write about what i used on my face during the Chain Reaction Wrap Dress photoshoot last Wednesday..
So here it is..
Maybe some of my readers will find this useful

 My F.O.T.D. and products used,,

Face :

Skincare Micro Essence, Laneige Waterbank Series Essence, The Face Shop spf 50 sunblock.
BB Cushion Laneige Snow
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium
The Balm Instain shade Toile
(i totally forgot to wear highlighter)

All eyeshadow from Naked 1 palette
Mascara Heroine Make Long and Curl
Aubeau liquid eyeliner
Faux lashes
Urban Decay Brow Kit

Victoria Secret Lip gloss

Thats all...
I hope what i write in here is clear enough :)
Thanks for reading
And have a great day