My Style Diary : White Angelic Look

Dear Readers,

What's your favorite outfit color?
My favorite color is pink anyway,
But for my outfit, I choose white, red, yellow, and nude...
But still, my favorite is WHITE...

I always feel very clean and bright when im wearing white...
Who doesn't love white anyway?

Just last month when i attend Femaledaily forum event with Estee Lauder, (Micro Essence launching)
With 'White Angelic' look dresscode, im soooo excited!
Because white is my FAVORITE color...

Most of my clothes are white...
So here is the pictures...
We all dressed up in white :)
Do you like it ?

Skirt by : Lolly's Secret

Do you like my outfit readers?
I hope you do...
One shoulder and ballerina skirt are a Perfect Match for me 

I add a little touch of nude and gold a bit..
Gold necklace and nude gold shoes, seems like a cute touch on my outfit...
Ah,, don't forget my nude bag :)

Here is the pictures from the event,
All pretty members of Femaledaily wearing white....

And do you know? I almost always attend their event,
Simply because I want to meet my virtual Femaledaily friends..
(Members and FD teams)

 Me, Angelajess, and Bonnie..

 Ci Nopai (i believe you've seen her picture on my previous post), me, and Bonnie

 Me and my living doll, Bonnie


My tips on wearing 'all white' outfit color :

1. Don't wear pale make up, because white outfit tends to make your face pale..
2. Add a little touch of gold (the best match), nude, red, champagne, or black
3. Keep it simple and elegant
4. Stay away from all dirt!

 My make up on that day...

Anyway readers,
Have you joined Femaledaily forum?
If you haven't registered as one of FD's member,
I suggest you to go straightly to their page,
And sign up!
Well, that's all!
Thank's for reading, readers..
I hope my post helps you to pull out this looks :)

If you have another tips on wearing white outfit,
Or any pictures of yours wearing white outfit,
Please share it to us! give me the link of the pictures..

Ciao and have a great Monday all!



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