True Ghost Story (Just Happened Last Night!)


I usually will be afraid and feeling anxious if im experiencing things like this...
if this happened to me 3 or 4 years ago, i will not let myself sleep alone,
(i will prefer to sleep with my dad, or mbak lulun)
But now, i will act a bit different from that..

Last night..
when i just came home, (my mom and my dad picked me up from Bintaro Junction, its 10 minutes far from my house..) mbak lulun's face is full with SHOCKED expression, she is pale you know!
After i went to my room, i heard mbak lulun telling my mom, that i ALREADY HOME A MOMENT AFTER MY MOM AND DAD LEFT HOUSE!

Okay readers, i will let you read from the beginning, understanding my point here...
yes you are not mistaken, it means the one she thought as me, was not really me...

Mbak lulun says,
im calling her, "Mbaaaakkk" and then she opened the gate for me, and telling me, my mom and my dad are on their way to picked me up in Bintaro Junction, but i didn't answer, and i straightly go to my room! So its explaining why she is scared to death when she saw me got home with my parents last night...

My parents reaction was telling lulun and me to check our house, afraid that she could be a thief, (this is impossible mom, dad, since the one that got home before us looks like me....) However, lulun and i still checking our house, from my sister Fiona room, bathroom, kitchen, garden (front and back garden) and we found no one...

After that, i tell them that we MUST PRAY together! because i felt there is something negative in this house... So we pray together, so God will guarding us from any evil things, and marking cross sign in every door (using 'minyak urapan*')..

After that i take a bath, doing my usual skincare routine (this routine usually takes 20-30 mins depends on how long the steps is) and my mom asked me if i want to sleep with them, but i prefer to sleep in my room though,,

And yes, i pray again before i sleep, because i believe, sleep with my parents is not the only way to make us feel save....

Im sure you will agree with me, because whatever our religion is, pray and keep connected with our God is so important....

So thats my story readers,
I've told you, this is not just a beauty or style blog... This will be like my diary LOL
i hope you don't mind....

Thanks for reading..



  1. OMG, I'm having a goosebumps! Hope everything will be okay.

    Anyway, hello TJ! Glad to know more about you here :)


    1. Yunie thanks for visiting my blog!

      Ah and you dropped a comment hereee

      Me too.. im so happy ^^

      Happy Sunday Gorgeous


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