Someone Less Than What We Are....


I have to admit something,

I am NOT a fast learner...

Sometimes, i must fall down before i understand something, or i must struggle hard, before i understand what im going through..

Thats me....

What im going to share today is 'Something Less Than What We Are',

Meaning,before i understand this,

I had a tendency to make other people happy with my presence,

And if i had to be someone other than myself, i would do it..
And thats just not good... -_-

Now you get my point ...

I need a few YEARS just to realize, that WE CANT PLEASE EVERYONE

In Indonesian quotes, it will be like, 'Kita tidak bisa menyenangkan semua orang'

Have you ever heard this before readers?

We are who we are...

We are precious in God's eyes...

(Yesaya 43:4 " Because of your value in my eyes, you have been honoured, and loved by me; so I will give men for you, and peoples for your life.")

So don't ever trying to be less than what we are, honey..

Do what we want to do (as long as you think its good and not hurting anyone)

Be what we want to be (in a positive way)

Never change ourself to pleased other, (except if it could give us a good improvement..)

It is wrong if we let ourselves doing what we want that could harm or hurt others,

Other people's opinion about us is not our priority,

But what we are in God's eyes is... :)

Just be good and do good things...

And prove to God that we are truly His children...

Not to others, just to God..

So this is why i stop being less than myself just to please other...

What more important is to improve myself, to become better and to be better everyday..

Do you agree readers? :)

If you don't agree, or have some nice quotes to share or anything! related with this topic,

Feel free to leave a comment or email me...

i would love to hear your thoughts...

Thanks for reading my thoughts, im not trying to teaching anyone,

This is just me and my thoughts he he he :D

Have a blessed day!



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