My Style Diary : Nude Double Personality Dress by XSML

Dear Readers,

Do you want to pet a big fat cat with some strange double personalities disorder??
Or a cat with two heads?? scary...
None of us will ever adopt a cat with double personalities disorder (moody but sweet, i'm not talking about myself) or 2 heads cat... (it will be hard to feed it right?).

Talking about this two faces thing, do you remember Fallon from Jack and The Giant Slayer?
Because right now, i'm thinking about a cat with 2 heads just like Fallon..
And it's just... scary -_-"

But fear not!,
Im not gonna write about that big cat with 2 heads and 2 personalities here..
I'm sure you wont feeling scared at all
otherwise, you're gonna LOVE it just like me!

Have you ever worn a dress that have 2 personalities?
In front, the dress will instantly make you feel elegant,
with a cute turtle neck


but at the back, here is what you'll find...
a very deep plunge (almost backless) cutting on my dress

                    (my duo personality dress, now you understand what i mean)

Yes, i like it and i wanna have it since the first time i saw it!
Do you know? i dont need much time to buy clothes if there is something that i truly like!
I just scanning the store for a moment and if there is some pretty dress or anything, i will see it right away!

But its not that easy to find something i really-really like!
it could takes a weeks, or a month(s) to find what i want..

It is like love at the first sight,
If i found some dress i love, i will straightly go to cashier and buy it,
No need to think twice, just take it..

Sometimes, so many girls need to think twice, is this good, or not.. Take it, or not?
But my tip is, if the price is still on your budget,and you lookin' to it like you see a big-big vanilla ice cream with chocolate wafer and fresh cherry on top (why i feel like i wanna eat ice cream right now?)
then GET IT girls! or it will be someone else dress,

Trust me you will feel happy when you wear it, like me.. Smileeeeeee*

And don't you just love the dress detail??
I LOVE it..
I love the color (suit many skin tone well), i love the cut, i love the material (chiffon and polyester).

Ah and this picture was taken from 'Kanebo with Female daily Achieving Radiant Glow' beauty class (16 June 2014), we all learning to do Japanese technique make up with Mr. Mutsuya Sakai (Kanebo make up artist). He is so talented, and you will find many things about him if you search him on google..

And Femaledaily n Kanebo bring him to us to teach us some Japanese Technique make up!
We are just soooo LUCKY :)
Thanks to Femaledaily and Kanebo Indonesia..

                              me, Mr. Mutsuya Sakai, and ci Nopai from Femaledaily

And this is what i got from this Kanebo beauty class event with Femaledaily...

         Here is the detail of the event from Femaledaily forum article,and you can read it here

I havent use my free facial treatment voucher until now..
But i will! (but still dont know when..)
And i will share my experience with you, readers :)

Well that's all..
Thanks for visiting my blog,

If you need some help or wanna ask me something,
About dress or anything, just email me at
and i will do my best to answer your questions...




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