My Style Diary : My Flowery Qipao....

Hellow Readers,

How are you ? i hope you are doing well there..
Cheer up! because today is FRIDAY! Yeah T.G.I.F!
Whats your plan for tomorrow?
Going somewhere? :)
Well whatever your plan is, i wish you'll have a great weekend...

Back to the topic,
Last week, i went to a 'Floral Theme' birthday party,
and i decide to wear a floral Qipao, with midi black mullet skirt, and a black 'sky high' pump shoes..
well i have to say, that im collecting these sky high shoes....
Why i choose Qipao?
I must say that i love to wear Qipao,
I was raised in a family that love to watching those 'ancient chinese' serial movies...
And i always have so much love of what they wear...

Skirt by : Lolly's Secret
Dont you just love the coral flowery color on my Qipao :) ?
i upload this on clozette daily too!

Qipao, just like Kebaya..
Has a magic to make us instantly elegant!
Do you agree readers?

And the reason i pair it with black,
is so the beautiful coral color will be the centre of attention
the coral color, makes my yellow skin brighter..
but im sure, coral will matches any skin color..

I've seen so many fashion blogger
with various color of skin wearing coral color
and it looks GREAT on them...

 i just LOVE the colorful FLOWER decoration..
(or you love the sweets, candies, cupcakes more?)


Oh, and i also put red flower on my hair..
To make my look more girly...
Coral, with black and red accent, 
is a perfect match!

Thanks for reading my post friends :)
Looking forward to read your feedback,

Or to read your blog...
(Since i'm still newbie in this blogging world)

Have a nice day everyone!



  1. akhirnyaaaaaaaaaa cicikuuu *nangis terharu*
    just saw the url to this blog on your signature. i envy your body, you have a great one! <3 lovelyyyyy cute pretty face tooooo :3

    welcome to the blogging world!
    i love your qipao..makes you look like a modern China princess indeed.
    let's blogwalk to my blog :p

    caroline (or so-called-ur sis) XD

    1. yesss.. thank you olineee
      i will straightly go to your page...
      im still new in this bloggin world, sis....
      hope you like it...

  2. omg! you are so beautiful *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. i`m glad if you visit my blog, too <3


    1. its still far from interesting honey,
      i still have to improving my skill and learn from you :)
      thanks for dropped by Lan :)
      hope youll enjoy my post


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