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Someone Less Than What We Are....

Readers, I have to admit something, I am NOT a fast learner... Sometimes, i must fall down before i understand something, or i must struggle hard, before i understand what im going through .. Thats me.... What im going to share today is 'Something Less Than What We Are', Meaning ,before i understand this, I had a tendency to make other people happy with my presence, And if i had to be someone other than myself, i would do it..   And thats just not good... -_- Now you get my point ... I need a few YEARS just to realize, that WE CANT PLEASE EVERYONE In Indonesian quotes, it will be like, 'Kita tidak bisa menyenangkan semua orang' Have you ever heard this before readers? We are who we are... We are precious in God's eyes... ( Yesaya 43:4 " Because of your value in my eyes, you have been honoured, and loved by me; so I will give men for you, and peoples for your life.") So don't ever

My Style Diary : White Angelic Look

Dear Readers, What's your favorite outfit color? My favorite color is pink anyway, But for my outfit, I choose white, red, yellow, and nude... But still, my favorite is WHITE... I always feel very clean and bright when im wearing white... Who doesn't love white anyway? Just last month when i attend Femaledaily forum event with Estee Lauder, (Micro Essence launching) With 'White Angelic' look dresscode, im soooo excited! Because white is my FAVORITE color... Most of my clothes are white... So here is the pictures... We all dressed up in white :) Do you like it ? My angelic look outift Skirt by : Lolly's Secret Do you like my outfit readers? I hope you do... One shoulder and ballerina skirt are a Perfect Match for me  I add a little touch of nude and gold a bit.. Gold necklace and nude gold shoes, seems like a cute touch on my outfit... Ah,, don't forget my nude bag :) Here is the pictures from the event, All pre

My Style Diary : Nude Double Personality Dress by XSML

Dear Readers, Do you want to pet a big fat cat with some strange double personalities disorder?? Or a cat with two heads?? scary... None of us will ever adopt a cat with double personalities disorder (moody but sweet, i'm not talking about myself) or 2 heads cat... (it will be hard to feed it right?). Talking about this two faces thing, do you remember Fallon from Jack and The Giant Slayer? Because right now, i'm thinking about a cat with 2 heads just like Fallon.. And it's just... scary -_-" But fear not!, Im not gonna write about that big cat with 2 heads and 2 personalities here.. I'm sure you wont feeling scared at all otherwise, you're gonna LOVE it just like me! Have you ever worn a dress that have 2 personalities? In front, the dress will instantly make you feel elegant , with a cute turtle neck                        but at the back, here is what you'll find... a very deep plunge (almost backless) cutting on my dress

True Ghost Story (Just Happened Last Night!)

Readers... I usually will be afraid and feeling anxious if im experiencing things like this... if this happened to me 3 or 4 years ago, i will not let myself sleep alone, (i will prefer to sleep with my dad, or mbak lulun) But now, i will act a bit different from that.. Last night.. when i just came home, (my mom and my dad picked me up from Bintaro Junction, its 10 minutes far from my house..) mbak lulun's face is full with SHOCKED expression, she is pale you know! After i went to my room, i heard mbak lulun telling my mom, that i ALREADY HOME A MOMENT AFTER MY MOM AND DAD LEFT HOUSE! Okay readers, i will let you read from the beginning, understanding my point here... yes you are not mistaken, it means the one she thought as me, was not really me... Mbak lulun says, im calling her, "Mbaaaakkk" and then she opened the gate for me, and telling me, my mom and my dad are on their way to picked me up in Bintaro Junction, but i didn't answer, and i straightl

My Style Diary : My Flowery Qipao....

Hellow Readers, How are you ? i hope you are doing well there.. Cheer up! because today is FRIDAY! Yeah T.G.I.F! Whats your plan for tomorrow? Going somewhere? :) Well whatever your plan is, i wish you'll have a great weekend... Back to the topic, Last week, i went to a 'Floral Theme' birthday party, and i decide to wear a floral Qipao, with midi black mullet skirt, and a black 'sky high' pump shoes.. well i have to say, that im collecting these sky high shoes....    Why i choose Qipao? I must say that i love to wear Qipao, I was raised in a family that love to watching those 'ancient chinese' serial movies... And i always have so much love of what they wear...   Skirt by : Lolly's Secret Dont you just love the coral flowery color on my Qipao :) ?   i upload this on clozette daily too! Qipao, just like Kebaya.. Has a magic to make us instantly elegant! Do you agree readers? And the

My First Entry...

Hellow Readers.. Finally.... I make a BLOG! since so many people telling me to make one... So here it is... Im officially have a blog.. Well... My blog will be like my diary, I will post so many things here, This blog will be MORE than just a beauty or fashion blog, I promise... Okay.... I cant wait to share my stories with you all.... My blogging life starts, NOW.... Cheers, Theresia Juanita