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Hello readers!
How are you ? and how’s your holiday ?
I believe you had a blast!
Some may went to Singapore, Japan, or Thailand
Some stayed at home
But for me, I went to Bogor with my family and Erick..
Yeah he spent this holiday with me
I’m so happy!

I’m happy also because I can bring you another review of this VOV products..
Yeah, it’s VOV Super Fitting Lipquid
A few months ago, they sent me this beautiful super Fitting Lipquid
In one box, there are 3 beauties Orange Scene, Signature Red, and Sweet Rich Pink
And I give it a chance a few weeks before I make a review about it so my review will be useful for you guys 
When it comes to reviewing cosmetics or skincare brands, i will be super honest..
So, if you are ready,,
Please stay with me.. I will write anything you need to know about this product!
First, let me introduce the brand behind this wonderful lipquid.. 


(Based on the company history on their site here )


VOV the pioneer of popularization of color make up in South Korea, Launched in 1998, VOV was set out to popularize professional color makeup and introduced as a professional brand of MODERN and STYLISH make up for everyone 

The pleasure expression, the eye-catching thrill, and the confident beauty. VOV is a brand specialized in color makeup that not just provides the criteria for beauty, but studies the psychology and lifestyle of women to discover the hidden charm of women to realize the dream for beauty. This reasonably priced brand offers trendy colors and style that quickly discover the sensibility and beauty of each and every customer… The color makeup brand that creates your unique creativity with smart ideas – that is VOV.


You will become ‘Sexy & Lively’ as soon as you meet VOV..
VOV’s sexy is not typical sexy. VOV pursues sexy that is full of life, uplifting, and easy to follow for anyone.


Young women between 25 and 35 who pursue their own styles, shops for smart value, and has sensible emotions to transform all the time.

TJ Says


“If I can sum up everything here, VOV is a big cosmetics industries with 18 years of experience. And since then, they have dream to make a make up for those who are brave enough to express their style with bold and various colors choice, and this explains why they are so different compare to other Korean make up brands. Other brands usually have a natural beauty and subtle color on their make up line J so this is a good choice for those who want to look different and stand out of the crowd. LOVE IT!”

About VOV Super Fitting Lipquid

Based on their web,
They make 3 claims about this Lipquid, 
And we will talk about it one by one..
Based on my experience

“Lighter than lipstick! “
The new-concept liquid lip color fits lightly on the lips.
It expresses smooth lips as the light texture gently settles without leaving a stuffy, sticky and greasy feel.

I think this claimed is true J! Even if I  applied it all over my lips, it doesn’t leave sticky or uncomfortable feelings on my lips.. 
Sometimes, because my lips are sensitive, 
my lip line appear harshy,

“More Vivid than lipstick!”
A single touch expresses a lively color !
It expresses highly pigmented, edgy lips filled with rich color without needing a second application

This claim is also TRUE!
The color payoff is so CRAZYLY pigmented,
So if you like this kind of lipstick, I guess you will LOVE this.. so MUCH..
(And i believe if you need some stage make up, this might work well J )
When I feel like want to wear it lightly, I will use just a small amount of it and spread the lipquid on my lips with my finger,
Even if I use a small amount of it, the color is still so bold!

“More Intricate than lipstick !”
A perfect lip design is possible with LG’s patented lip texture brush.
Beginners can apply Lipquid like a makeup artist! It expresses defining clean lip makeup along the lip lines

I love the applicator
It’s easy to draw my lip’s cupid bow with this,
And also if I don’t feel like use it all over my lips and just need to make a gradient lips with it
Believe me, the pointy applicator would be perfect to do that job 

The Colors Variation

They have a wide range of bold colors on this line
(As you can see on my previous point)
But they sent me these 3 out of 10 beauties

So it will give you a picture of how bold the color is…
The color maybe slightly different from the picture from VOV site due to the lighting and my skintone
1.      Orange Scene no. 5

2.      Signature Red no. 6

3.      Sweet Rich Pink no. 7

TJ Says :
My favorite color is the Orange Scene (no. 5)
It makes my face appear fresher! Instantly!
And if I applied glossy on the top of it,
It will make my face even more brighter…
Here is the picture of me with my winner
Orange Scene!
What’s your favorite color guys ?

The Packaging

This is the close look of the packaging
The tube is silver almost look like a mirror
And has a ‘glimpse’ of the lipquid color on the bottom of it
For me, it looks like Dior Fluid Stick in a shorter and more silvery/mirror form
And for me, the packaging is also shows VOV cosmetics characteristic very much


TJ says about the packaging 

a.       What I like :
It comes in a small package and will be so easy to bring everywhere
Because it has a mirror/ silver all over it, we can use it as a mirror (but I still suggest you to use the real mirror, because the size of this lipstick is quite tiny! Hehehe.. but the mirror clarity is  pretty good! You can see your lips clearly

b.      What I don’t like :
I think the silvery/ mirror packaging can be a weak point because it leaves fingerprints all over, and for me, it looks a bit cheap 

The Texture

Over past few years, people are crazy about the matte lipsticks!
Especially the liquid-matte lipsticks..
And I understand why…
It lasts longer on lips and usually has a VIVID and BOLD color,
Its kinda like a requirements of a matte liquid lipsticks, every brands should make!
But sometimes, liquid matte lipstick can be too harsh on lips, it makes lips dry like crazy and even if it has a bold color, it will turns brighter or darker when it dries on lips..
So I prefer to have a lipstick with this moist but not glossy texture
This Lipquid is so different and I should say, what I love the most from this lipstick is their texture and how it cover my lips beautifully,
Besides, comfortable to use and won’t dry my lips even if I use it for a long time

TJ Says 
1.      What I like :
Of course I like it because it feels very comfortable on my lips and this is the main reason why I love it :)

2.      What I don’t like :
But unfortunately, it stains everything, my cup of coffee, my drinking bottle, my spoon :(

Where and How To Get It ?

Golden Truly, SOGO Central Park, SOGO Alam Sutera, SOGO Kelapa Gading Mall, SOGO Kota Kasablanka, SOGO St. Moritz,  Matahari Taman Anggrek, Matahari supermall Karawaci, Matahari Tunjungan Plaza 3 Surabaya, Metro Plaza Senayan, Metro Pondok Indah Mall, Centro Galaxy Mall Surabaya, and SOGO Emporium Mall Pluit
And it costs not more than Rp 240.000,- !!
Love it!!
Thats all for today guys
I hope this post help you to decide whether you need to buy this product 
And i would love to hear your comments,,
Ask about anything or request me to do any review
I would love to help :)
See you on my next post!
Orange Scene on my lips!
With Love,

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  1. What beautiful colours! I particularly like the signature red on you :)