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Sunday, 28 June 2015

"How To Get Olivia Lazuardy Elegant Make Up Look 27 June 15"

Hello Readers...
Im back to you to tell you the detail of
How To Get Olivia Lazuardy Elegant Make Up Look event
With Kanebo, MyLittleBrownBox, Samsung, and Eric Kayser yesterday

Because i wanna know more about Kanebo products, and Olivia is one of my favorite blogger,
I didnt think twice to registered myself on the event!
And yes, this is my second event with Kanebo,
I've joined their event last year with Mr. Mutsuya Sakai in Pasific Place..

So, let the story begin!
(don't forget to prepare your snacks because this post will be a LONG POST) 

Me and Olivia
So i arrived at 10 am and go straight to the venue, Eric Kayser in Plaza Senayan 3rd floor
And do the registration before the event started
And we can also do the skin check before the event start, but unfortunately, i didnt get mine :(
But thats okay, i just cant wait to start :)!

When i enter the venue,
I got a warm welcome from all the team,
Kanebo, Mylittlebrownbox, and Eric Kayser did a great job :)
The warm greetings makes the participants feeling comfortable and attached to the event..
If we want to make a success event, this is one thing we must not forget..

Because honestly, sometimes,
The participants join to the event because they feel attached with the host,
Like me, i join this event because last year Kanebo host an event 
And it leave me satisfied, 
So im sure this event will be a good event too! :)

The Venue

Uuuhh.. im so excited!
The beautiful venue and participants ;)
Our make up station with a tab to check out MylittleBrownBox web :)
 I have never been to Eric Kayser before,
So im pretty excited about the venue, and as you can see
Eric Kayser has a good and comfortable ambiance with the good smell pastries that will makes you hungry and tempted to try it all :)
Trust me !

Skin check before the event start is Kanebo's trademark :)

Eric Kayser's yummy breads
 And since this is a beautyclass, we must not forget the most important essential!
YES its the make up itself!
What i love from Kanebo and mostly Japan make up line is,
They are not as heavy as Western's, this is one of their plus point!

So these are the picture,
The make up tools are almost same like what i got from their event last year,
Only, this year they have a new lipstick line, that will be explained next :)
Enjoy the picture and choose which one do you like
And simply find out on Kanebo or Mylittlebrownbox web :)

(PS : i also love the sophisticated brown bronze packaging in Kanebo/Lunasol make up line)

 DO you like what you see girls?
Now if we are ready, lets move to the OPENING and BEAUTY CLASS part :)
Hope you are not yet bored because i have so many things to tell you...
Lets Go!

The Opening

For me, every event talkshow are always interesting because usually, the brand ambassadors, the event hosts will greet us and share their story and experience about the brand.
It makes us understand more about the brand itself..
And it will makes us interest even more with the brand 

 There are Mrs. Vinny from Kanebo Indonesia, Olivia Lazuardy, and Ms. Winnie from Mylittlebrownbox yesterday and i will summarized the talkshow for you :)
Hope i can still remember all they said because i sit in the front,
Its embarrassing if i forget -_-

1. Mrs. Vinny from Kanebo Indonesia

Yesterday, Mrs. Vinny explained us that Kanebo is been here for 40 years! So yes, Kanebo is one of the most well known japanese skincare and make up line in Indonesia... 
But they wanna spread the message that Kanebo is not only for the older generation, the younger generations are also welcome to try and use their products..

Readers, i always believe to Japanese skincare and make up.. 
Why? simply because i know they usually use the natural ingredients on their skincare, and what i like is their make up are not as heavy as western's! 
That's what i need...
That's what we all need don't we?
Ahh.. And Mrs. Vinny also explained about why they choose Olivia Lazuardy to be their ambassador..
Its because Elegant Beauty is one thing that Kanebo looking for in their ambassador,
 And Olivia Lazuardy fits their brand image well
And you know what? i can't agree more :)

2. Olivia Lazuardy 

Yesterday, Olivia explain about how she's suddenly become a blogger, 
She said, she just start her blog around 2 years ago because she can't find any blogger that suit her need well, and the bloggers usually wear a quirky clothes that cant be used everyday! 
(i feel you Olivia, thats one thing came up on my mind too!)

So she start her blog because she wants to inspired people with the wearable outfit that can be used everyday but still has an elegant and trendy touch on it :)
And you know, thats why i love her style so much!

Olivia also told us about her skincare regime using Kanebo products, you can simply check her post in here
And her favorite skincare from kanebo is the PT Essence! it used to hold sebum or oil in our T zone, make our pores smaller, so our skin will look healthier :)

3. Mrs. Winny from Mylittlebrownbox

Funny and beautiful is one thing i catch from her,
Yes she is the owner of Mylittlebrownbox :)
She says, Mylittlebrownbox is actually not a new web because they started it 2 years ago 
And they start with perfume and later expand their products on web..

And she shares sonme of Mylittlebrownbox web plus points:
- She build this business because it will makes us easier to shop, no need to go to the mall, we can shop anywhere and anytime :) 
-Their web is clean and interesting, makes us easier to shop and find anything we need
-they have a free gift if we paid our cart in 1x24 hours and guess what? we can choose the free gift!

(After the event end i manage to buy Kanebo eyebrow powder from Mylittlebrownbox web and choose Prada Infusion d'Iris vial as the gift!)

Kanebo Beauty Class

I know you are waiting to read this part readers... :)
So now, we move to the beauty class part..
I will explain the steps and show some products picture here..

1. Cleansing step 
We started our make up class by cleanse our face, and using Kanebo Impress Cleansing cream to clean all the make up and use Kanebo lotion (toner) to refresh our skin and prepare for the next step..

2. Moisturizing
First we use the Brightener Serum, it used to renew your skin in a mild way, so you can use it everyday. The beauty assistant told me to use it in circular motion on my T zone, also to reduce blackheads and whiteheads that usually 'sit' on nose, forehead and chin.
After that we used lotion I (work as toner) and PT Essence all over our face...

3. Make Up Prime 
We used Lunasol Smoothing make up base before the foundation, to make it lasts longer, and i must say, this is one of my favorite from Kanebo, i can feel my skin looks smoother and my make up lasts for more than 6 hours with this prime :)

 4. Foundation and Powder
For foundation, i used Lunasol Skin Modelling Liquid Finish C-02 and loose Face Powder..
I can tell that the texture of their powder is soo light and soft..
And the foundation texture is not too thick and have a medium coverage, 
So if you are looking for the full coverage foundation, pick Lunasol Water Cream Foundation.

5. Sculpting and Blush Section
You know what, we do the sculpting (shading) using this multifunction eyebrow powder!
Yes im not lying.. 
We used it to do the shading job, we use it to make our cheeks appear smaller and to make our nose appear taller! :)
After we do the shading, we move to the blush and i used this peachy pink blush because i always love the peachy pink blush than the pink or red blush on..

 6. Eyes department
 Before we start to put colors on eyes, we used this Lunasol Eyelid Base to hold the color longer. I suggest this product to those who has an oily skin type..
And wear a neutral color eyeshadow because my outfit that day is quite bold ^^,
I think Lunasol eyeshadow is perfect for everyday use because the color is soft and you can wear it without feel afraid that it will look 'too much' and its still on my wishlist eyeshadow :)
Love it!

 7. Lip Candy Color

I used Lunasol Stain Color Lips no. 4 (its the newest series on their line). Their lipsticks are very pigmented and matte.
I feel surprised because this is not kanebo usual style to sell the bold-matte-pigmented kinda lipsticks..
I love the color but if your lips are dry i suggest you to use lipbalm before :)

 8. Final Look
Here is my final make up look using Kanebo's make up :) do you like it readers?
I used a neutral color to accomplish my whole look but still not leaving that cat eye style to add extra 'oomph' on my whole looks :)

 TJ's favorite products

After had a beauty class twice with Kanebo, its impossible i dont fall in love with some of their skincare/make up products
So i will help you and give you my suggestion based on my preference..

1. Impress Brightener Serum
You know? we need to exfoliate our skin to get a fresh and soft smooth skin, but we dont wanna do it in harsh way, so this product is perfect for us, because it exfoliates our skin in smooth way, and is safe to use daily :)

2. Lunasol Smoothing Make Up (Primer)
As i said, i think my skin appear softer and moist when i put this on my face, i dont want make up to touch my skin directly, so maybe, when i need to wear a heavier make up i will need this prime :)

3. Lunasol Brow Styling Compact
How come i didnt buy this? this is a multifunctional make up...
It can be used for your eyebrow, eyeshadow, and shading your nose and jaws :)
(Psssttt... i bought it yesterday via MyLittleBrownBox web)

 So, thats all readers...
Im so happy because i can finally write a long post to you :)
I love to come to an event, and i love to write it down and share it with you readers..
Hope you like it, and hope it helps you on some of Kanebo products you haven't heard before :)

Thank you, and keep reading my blog

With Love,

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Fuschia Songket takes Osaka (Japan Trip Day 2)

Dear Readers...
This is my second post about my journey in Japan..
This outfit is also favorite out of 6 outfit i wore while Im in Japan
And i still bring Indonesia culture along...
Hope you like it readers... :)

I decide to bring a midi hi-waist skirt songket from Kokaind
and wear a matching fuschia top..
And also add a golden necklace and bangles also from Kokaind 

I choose something that describes my look, with a touch of pink fuschia
Simply because fuschia is the dress code that day,
And i need something that scream 'Indonesia' on my look..

So here's the picture :)

This picture was taken in train station before we go to Panasonic Center Osaka,
I must admit, Japanese people know how to dressed up well, especially the young generation!
So they really look like a girl and boy from comic...
Exactly like that...
The boys even wax their eyebrow!

So how do you think of this look friends?
I hope you do like it :)
 And i hope you can also wear batik and songket with proud at least once per week!

See you on my next post readers...
I still have lots of things to tell you !

With Love,

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Osaka Castle and Batik Skirt.... (Japan Trip day 1)

Dear Friends...
How are you?
Im so happy i can write to you again today :) 

Btw, do you know?
I went to Japan from 29 May- 4 June with Panasonic,
And during the Japan trip, 
I bring Indonesian essence with me almost everyday!

This post is where i arrived at Osaka and went to Osaka Castle on my first day in Japan
Wearing a beautiful batik skirt from Swanstwenty called Royal Skirt
I believe you will fall in love with it...

Me and Osaka Castle
Im so lucky because the weather in Japan was so good when i was there,,
Its not too cold anymore.. :)
So i dont need to bring my coat or whatsoever

And for the first day,
i choose to wear champagne gold nuance for my outfit :)
Do you like it ?

The Beautiful Osaka Castle Standing Tall

Can you see Osaka Castle behind me?
Thank you Swanstwenty !

Beside the castle area,
They also have a beautiful garden and shops there
And i wanna show you one of the best part..
The garden and flowers :)

As you can see,
Batik is not something you wear on a special event..
Its depend on how you wear it..

I think this skirt is something you can wear on special event, or just to hang out...
This skirt is special...
Go to Swanstwenty instagram and contact them to make you one readers :) !

Click this picture to go straight to Swanstwenty

Im in love with this skirt as much as i love JAPAN!
When i first saw it, i already fell for it..
 I give credit to my friend, Sophie who designed it for Swanstwenty 

Thank you so much Sophie for letting me bring this skirt to Osaka Japan...
You are such a darling :)

The view is just wonderful :)
See you on my next post readers.. :)
Next post im gonna show you how i wore pink songket to attend Panasonic Showroom in Osaka :)

With Love,
Theresia Juanita

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Weekend with BLACKGARLIC the Living Receipe

Hello Readers...
How's your weekend?
I spend my weekend to do something i rarely do after i work in a bank..
Dancing? Doing some workout? wrong guess!


Can you believe i can cook?
When i still very active in dancing world, i have a few days off every week so i can still cook, but now, after i have to work fro 8 to 5 everyday, and sometimes i must attend some events on weekends, 
I simply have no time to BUY ingredients, and googling some recipes...

2 menu is MORE than enough
I cook for me and my Papa :)
So, i cooked 2 menus,
Thai Beef Green Curry and Ayam Rica-Rica
And turns out i'm very satisfy with my cook (thanks to BlackGarlic)
Eat yummy food from restaurant is 

BlackGarlic has a very interesting concept, thats why im so excited to try it!
1. The recipe is come from one of the most well known chef, WILLIAM WONGSO :)
2. We got 3 various menus (that changes every weeks! you can check the menu on the web)
3. They packed the (high quality) ingredients in small container with the complete recipe
 4. Its so easy to cook it! i can cook 2 menus in just less than 30 mins can you believe it?

Ayam Rica-Rica and Green Curry Beef

For me, this is a good idea for us who are WILLING to LEARN how to COOK..
Come on ladies :) let's surprised our family and beloved friends with our cook :)
And its more better if we can cook it, not just buy it
As simple as that!

And since its William Wongso's recipe,
You won't feel disappointed with the taste :) trust me!

 Click Me!

Dont forget to join BlackGarlic
And use code JONGKRUTOP to get Rp 50.000,- discount !
So what are you waiting for readers?

With Love,

Monday, 18 May 2015

Vintage Bronze Outfit

Happy Monday readers...
I hope you're doing well and had a FUN weekend last week
So how you spent your weekend?
Are you going somewhere during long holiday?

I went to my grandmother's house in Kota on Thursday,
And i can't resist to take a good chance and take a pictures there
Look at the door and windows!
It matches with my vintage outfit

Skirt by Swanstwenty
Shoes by Bellashoes
Bag LV Elipse

This place makes me think a lot about how my mother, aunties and uncles lived here..
And i also think about how my grandma dressed up on the year of 40's, 50's, and 60's
My grandma has a very good sense of fashion! 

She is a very well dressed woman until now
And i'm pretty sure i've seen her picture wearing midi skirt like mine :)

Click to see it on my IG
i love how my top and skirt color matches perfectly!
Do you like how i dressed readers?
If you do, you can still find my skirt, my tops on shop..
Simply click the name of the shop and it will directly lead you to the shop :)

See you on my next post readers..

Special thanks to my beautiful aunty for taking my pictures :)

With Love,
Theresia Juanita