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Monday, 20 October 2014

One Day at Menard Seibu Grand Indonesia..

Hellow Readers....

How are you?
Im happy i can greet you and write to you more often now...
I hope it makes you more interested to visiting my blog everyday!

If you have any question about beauty or fashion i might understand,
Dont hesitate to send me an email,
I will do my best to help you :)

Okay, now back to the main topic readers...

So now im going to write a report about Ladies Day Out with Female Daily,
In MENARD counter Seibu on October 4, 2014 (I hope you are familiar with Female Daily because i mention them a few times on my blog, and i join their events here and here ).

On the event
Just 3 days before the event,
I got a phone call from Mrs. Niya,  from Female Daily
Asking if i wanna join their event with Menard,
The event will be held in Seibu beauty lounge (just beside Menard counter), Grand Indonesia at 1-2 pm

She explained that there will be a facial and face mask treatment during the event!
She said, the facial process wont be harsh, because the are no hurtful facial process like removing your blackheads or pimples.
Its veeeerrryy exciting!

Why should i say NO?
Honestly, i never tried anything from Menard,
But i heard so many good review about this skincare line....
So there will be no answer other than YES!!

The Event

For the beginning step, Mrs. Niya tell me to check my skin condition,
So they can decide which mask i must use during the facial treatment..
Ms. Maria (Menard Total Beauty Advisor) checking my skin condition with skin scope and explain everything i need to know about my skin....

It turns out that my skin's age is older than my usual age...
Im 26, but my skin's age is 27 -_-
Okay..  that's not good!
I dont need any additional age!

Ms. Maria and I, wearing the matching Black-Red ensembles for that day...

You can see the result...

My conclusion about the result:
1. Skin Texture
My skin texture is not good :( I want my skin texture to be as good as my skin suppleness. They say, the only way to fix this condition is just to exfoliate at least once per week and doing facial massage everyday.

2. Skin Suppleness
Im not sure about how my skin suppleness score is the highest among all. But i think its because i drink a LOT of water everyday, and i do the Micro Essence (Estee Lauder) - First Essence (Beyond) - Moisturizer (Laneige) - Sunblock (The Face Shop) that day. Again, thanks to FD members and articles..They teach me how to take a good care of my skin.. (But i must fix my skin texture and moisture).

3. Skin Moisture
You know, even i do the 4 steps on my face everyday and i never feel if it's dry, (sometimes, i even feel my face is a bit sticky) my skin moisture is still in bad condition! Yeah i still dont understand this,, But they suggest me to add lotion on my skincare regime. I've tried their lotion product, and i feel the texture is almost similar to my Micro Essence. It's a liquid with a bit of moisture on it.
Maybe when i ran out of Micro Essence, i can try their lotion, since i have never tried anything from their skincare line... ;)

4. Melanin Condition
If you've met me in real life, you will notice that i have a lot of freckles on my face. My mom, my aunties, my grandma from my mother's side have it. I think i can blame my genetic factor, on this case.. And i cant change it, but i can do something to prevent it. I never go out of my house without sunblock, and i use my SPF 50++ sunblock everyday. And someday (maybe) i will do the laser treatment to remove all my freckles!
Go Go away frecklesss!!!

5. Photo Aging Danger Zone
This is what makes me down the most! This is very BAD you know :'((((
I dont know how to prevent it, i already use my SPF 50 ++ everyday.. but i remember now, my working desk is my enemy, because im sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW! okay.. that's bad!
And this is the explanation of why my future pigmentation is very bad! (Future pigmentation is freckles that not yet shown but someday, it will! if i don't protecting my skin from UV )

Ms. Maria suggest me to use the whitening mask on my facial treatment that day. I must say im a bit shock and sad knowing how bad my melanin condition is..

After the skin check, i'm waiting my turn to do the treatment on beauty lounge. While im waiting, i eat yummy snacks and hot tea (Thank you Female Daily and Menard!) to lift my mood a bit!

On the event, i met a beautiful make up artist that has soo many make up tutorial video on Female Daily website and youtube channel. Yes, she is Mrs. Maharani Nila ! here is the picture:
If you are active in Female Daily, im sure you are familiar with her face :) I must say her face reminds me of Karenina, one of my favorite professional model.. And plus, she is so humble and i can talk anything with her, even i just met her once, only on that event..

MENARD Counter

Before i get my facial treatment, i went to Menard counter, and taking photos of their skin care and make up products, and also.... the hidden facial room!
Their counter is dominated with black and white, and its right behind the beauty lounge, so it won't be hard to find it.
So, here is the pictures :)

a. Skincare Department 

4 skincare range by Menard

Beautiful monochrome counter
On the first counter picture, we can see how Menard divide their skincare line in 4, there are :

"Skin care for beauty that reaches deep inside
Unlock the beauty of your skin with the luxurious texture, graceful fragrance, and MENARD's unique blend of ingredients developed from Brown and Black Reishi mushrooms, prized in Asia since ancient times.
This is skin care that keeps you youthful and beautiful year after year."

conclusion : this is a skincare with anti-aging concern, don't get it wrong, we must use anti aging creams since in our younger age, because if we start to use it on our 40 or even 50, the products wont work as great as we are still in younger age,
"Beautiful skin is your destiny
For women who want to keep loving what they see in the mirror, no matter their age.
It is specifically designed to restore moisture and firmness that the years and ultraviolet rays have sapped away"

conclusion : this range is similar to embellir, this is also skincare for anti aging concern, only, they also have a firming and moisturizing advantage. On the brochure, Embelir and saranari are in the same section.. 

"Skin with the luster of flowers in bloom
The Selenicereus is a mysterious flower, brimming with life and blooming splendidly and briefly. Ingredients extracted from this blossom have moisture-retaining power, giving a smooth, moist texture to skin exposed to dryness and ultraviolet rays"

conclusion : Menard BA suggest me to use their tsukika lotion for dry skin to moist my skin before i use essence, and cream. (This lotion texture is similar to Micro Essence Estee Lauder). I can see this is their basic skincare line, that put concern on suppleness, moisturizing, and fixing our skin condition from damage of uv rays and pollution).


"Rich texture serum that provides the skin moisture and suppleness.
It will spread smoothly on the skin, and it has a fresh floral bouquet scent.
It almost melts as it soaks into the skin."

Conclusion : As a read the articles about collagen, collagen is very important to make our skin spared from this horrible condition :
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Hooded eyelids
  • Turkey neck
Based on what i read, we need collagen to keep our skin in healthy, young, and firm condition, and guess what, this is what we all need !

b. Make Up Department

I saw Stella Lee using menard cosmetic after she got a facial treatment in Japan in one of her article, and now i got a chance to try it myself. Wanna try this too? just visit their counter in Seibu Grand Indonesia.
Meanwhile, what you can enjoy now is just the pictures, here it is...

Its the beauty lounge right behind this make up rack

Their make up range

Where is the facial room readers? can you spot it? ;)

You should be knowing where the facial room is..
Can you spot where the facial room is?
Yeess... its right behind the counter!You can see shoes and sandals infront of the facial room, because we must take off our shoes before we enter.


Readers.. this is the facial room, The place behind their counter.
And this room is not small at all! i thought the facial room will be smaller but hey! just look at the pictures. The small room apparently bigger than i thought.

Beside this, right in front of the door is a changing room (i didnt take a photo of it). Their changing room is similar like department changing room with the cream curtain as a partition. Different with their monochrome theme counter, this facial room use creme, purple, and ivory color to make a cozy ambiance.

Seeing this room and the beautiful purple color makes me wanna do the treatment again.. I will take my mom here, im sure she will like their treatment as well! And i know she needs it :)

Okay readers..
Lets move to the 'main menu' of this article, it is the....

Facial Treatment

First, the beautician will ask us which masks Ms. Maria (Menard Beauty Total Advisor) recommended to us (based on the skin condition checking)? and for me, because i have a bad pigmentation on my skin, (remember that big window in front of my face on my working desk and my genetic skin condition?), Ms. Maria suggest me to use their whitening mask.And after that, they will ask us to change our clothes with their 'tube dress' and take off our necklace and earrings.

And now, im ready to start the treatment..

a. Cleansing
First the Beautician will steam our face, to open our pores, so our skin will be ready to be cleansed, and to remove all the dirts beneath (the steamer is standing beside the bed, you can see it on the first picture of the facial room).

They use menard cleansing milk and toner that smells like a fresh rose and massaging our face a bit. I must tell you, this cleansing process is also very relaxing!

b Massage
There are 2 type of massage on this treatment,  first is the facial massage, and followed with decollette massage..

Facial massage :
This process is very relaxing.. and this is probably my favorite part on this treatment. The beautician start to massage my cheeks and lips area, and followed by massage on my chin, nose, and forehead area. I learn a few simple facial massaging technique from the beautician. I still remember a few technique and practicing on my face every night.

Decollete massage :
The beautician massaging my shoulders area (like the creambath process) to my neck area using decollete technique. 

c. Wipping off
After finish the whole massaging process, the beautician remove the wipping massage cream using warm towel, and they did this process gently.

d. Herbmask (Scrubbing)
The beautician removing my dead skin cells using a cream that has a soft beads (scrub), and applied it with soft and rounded movement technique. After this process is done, they removing my dead skin cells using a yellow sponge to cleanse all the scrub cream residue. After this process, we can see our dead skin cells on the yellow sponge (yuck).

e. Pack Facial
On this process, the mask pack will be applied on our skin. The mask feel cold and refreshing, because they keep their masks in refrigerator. My whitening mask color is white (i will describing more about their masks choice later) and let it touch our skin for 10 mins ( more or less).

f. Beauness and Cooling
After the mask pack removed from our skin, the beautician will spray Beauness S on our skin, and finished this step by applying cold towel to shrink our pores, after the whole facial massage process.
Beauness S spray used to refresh our skin and anti-bacterial shield on our skin.

g. Finishing Care
To close all the process, the beautician will patting the moisturizing lotion (using cottonpads) and moisturizer to keep our skin moisturized.

I did this whole process for less than one hour because this is just an introduction program, but if next time i do it full, the whole process will take total 90 minutes. (I will, trust me i will back to Menard with my mom)

I must say this whole process are very relaxing and a very good stress releaser (and get a great skin as a main advantage) i suggest you to go to their counter and give it a try. They treat your skin gently and you will enjoy EVERY.SINGLE.PROCESS trust me... :)

If you are interest to try this, here is the mask variants:

Colax Care Pack (Pink):
Collagen mask that can makes our skin supple, firm, and soft (remember the used of collagen for our skin?) it contains with energy up collagen, soluble collagen, and seaweed extract

Whitening Pack (White):
Clearly this is to make our skin lighter, and also to reduce our skin from photo aging risk, (reduce all that freckless on my face). It contains with vitamin c and Shirakami yeast extract.

Double Vita Pack (Yellow) :
This is used to promote your blood circulation and metabolism to reduce your skin color discoloration, make it firm, and soft.  

Moist Pool Pack (Blue) :
This mask is perfect for dry skin, because it will add moist on your skin. It contains squalene, trehalose, and seawater mineral.

Clean Pack (Black) :
This black mask is used to remove oil and dirt on your skin (reduce that blackheads on our nose and etc), this mask is contain activated charcoal, sage water, and soapberry extract.

Beaunesscare pack (Green):
To fix the skin texture, and pimples caused by environment around us, and also hormonal change (i guess it will calming our PMS pimples?). It contains spa essence, beauness essence (remember their beauness spray on the beauness and cooling process?), and seaweed extract.

Menard Beauty Method

Based on Menard site, there are a few steps or method we must do every day, there are :
1. Cleansing
2. Washing
3. Facilitate Turn Over (MASSAGING, lotion, emulsion, cream)

(please open the link above to see the full explanation and videos) 
Based on what i read and my beautician that day, i realize that Menard 'forced' us to do the  facial massage everyday. Because it will promotes the blood circulation on our face, reduce wrinkles and sagging risks, and also remove the bad toxin in our skin.

I dont know massaging could bring such a big different on our skin, do you know about this before readers? If yes, why dont you tell me? LOL


Readers, i can say, every beauty event i attend, leads me to know about beauty tips and method better and better. This is the example, i already got new things on Beyond Beauty Event with Grazia Indonesia and Beyond. From that event i also learn we must taking care of our skin gently. And on this event, i learn how to do the simple massage that i could do everyday at home... :) 

I found Asian skincare routine steps is longer than West. I love the way Asian layering their skincare together with different function. Toner- Lotion-Essence/Serum-Cream, they have a different purposes on our skin, and we must do it one by one, after they absorb on our skin.

So lets do this steps together ladies, doing facial massage routine is not as hard as we thought. You can find massage technique on youtube or you can googling it, and then, add this as your skincare routine everyday. 

Female Daily

Thank you Female Daily for inviting me to this event, i never regret i join this site on 2012 as a member for i get lot of  information about skincare, make up,and fashion. I also can attend their events (they always have different kind of event every month!). If you want to be like us, why don't you join Female Daily forum as a member?

I always looking for a lot of review before i buy make up and skincare, i just don't wanna regret what i buy after. Looking a review for make up, skin care, and lots of information are easier to get on this site trust me..

Well, that's all for today readers,
Thank you for reading my blog today
I hope you find anything useful for you today :)

Menard available at Seibu Grand Indonesia, and Sogo Central Park (G Floor)
Open at 10am until 8 pm
Facial appointment on 021 367 267 37 ;) i know you want to experiencing their facial treatment too readers... ;)

With Love,


Monday, 13 October 2014

Product Review : Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo in Cooling Mint...

Hellow Readers...

I know there are a few of my readers who have a similar problem as mine
CAUTION : girls with thick, bouncy and volume hair are not count as one of us
(PS : im so jealous of you girl,, hahahhaa)

 So, my problems are:
1. Too lazy to wash my hair everyday
2. Have a long hair  (if you have a long hair, than you know, having a long hair means you must spend a lot of time to handle your hair)
3. Greasy roots

It makes me wondering how Rapunzel taking care of her hair, if she lives in a real life,
And i have a funny idea to let her live in JAKARTA...

I know on this HOT and SUNNY weather in Jakarta,
Everyone can easily having this problems...
But im sure, every problems has a SOLUTION.. :)

The solution for me is,
I know you've heard about dry shampoo before,
Some of them comes in spray, some of them comes in powder...

And today,
I will introduce you,to.....


click to see this on my IG

The product itself, comes in a powder texture,
It comes in a rounded pretty tin container,with a soft pastel color on it
And also those glittery pastel tulle between the cap and the body, adding some 'girly' and feminine feel
Very princessy! and i love their concept!

They have 5 variants on their product line:
1. Sweet Lavender
2. Cooling Mint
3. Romantic Rose
4. Chocolate
5. Fresh Orange

You can choose whatever you like!
Im more into ROSE scent person, 
But because i need something to refresh my hair, (Who doesnt need some refreshing cool mint effect on this hot and sunny weather?) i choose, Cooling Mint.

Here is the picture of the product itself,
I hope you can get along well with this product...

Do you like the packaging readers?
Some of us may say YES!
And some of us will thinking more about how BULKY this product is, and it will be hard to bring it with us anywhere..

You know, 
Some of us might wanna bring dry shampoo product on our bag!
But me, i feel more than enough just to put it on my hair before i go to office :)
It depends on your preference :)


I can't smell the mint scent of this products after i put it on my hair,
But i do feel the cool and mint effect on my head after :)
I don't mind! because i need this just to make my hair fresher!
And that's what i got..

For the texture,
I must admit that this powder is not as soft as a baby powder (or face powder!)
Clearly because this is dry shampoo and not a powder,
It used to absorb oil on your hair roots, and make your hair even more bouncy (to add some volume)


Its very easy, readers...
Just use one of your brush and apply the products on your hair roots..
And then massage your hair to make it the products absorb all the excess oil well !
This is how i use it...

Use your brush to apply products

Take proper amount of dry shampoo and put it on your hair roots
Massage your hair roots to help it absorb the excess oil

We're DONE!

If you don't have any brush (i know you need a lot of brush to apply your powder, blusher, and foundation)
Thats okay!
Just take a proper amount of SWEET PEA dry shampoo products on your hands,
Rub it on both of your hands, and then massage your hair roots,and brush your hair after!
(Dont worry, i've tried this product for a few times before i write this review, and i can say it works well too!)


This is my opinion, based on my experience on tried and tested this product for a few days :

1. This product doesn't make my hair roots itchy, (don't laugh, but i used to use my body talc product to absorb excess oil on my hair roots, and a few hours after i use it, i feel itchy on my hair roots)

2. Sometimes, if you apply it to much, it leaves a white particle on your hair and it looks like a dandruff, so you must apply it carefully and brush your hair more often to reduce the white particle

3. IF your hair is very oily, you can't just use it once, you must reapply it again during the day, and it means you must bring this product anywhere you go

4. If you feel the container of this product is bulky but you feel like you wanna bring it on your purse, simple move the dry shampoo to another container, that would be easier for you to bring

5. You must clean your hair well after using this product.. (you know, to reduce any dandruff possibilities.. We don't need extra problem on our hair readers)

But overall, i quite satisfy with this product..
This is a life saver for my hair,,,
(You know, despite all the problems my hair caused, i still manage to give the best for my hair)


If you wanna give this product a try,
Simply go to Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo instagram,
And use 'ENDORSEBYTHERESIA' code to get Rp 5.000,- discount !
This is a great deal because they sell this for Rp 55.000,-  on their IG :)

Thanks for reading my review readers..
I hope my review is clear enough,
See you on my next post readers!

With Love,

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Beyond Beauty With Grazia Indonesia 2 October 2014

Hellow again readers....

Im here again to give you a report about Beyond Beauty event with Grazia Indonesia,
In Fiddleheads, Pondok Indah Mall 3, street gallery.
Im running here from my previous event on the main atrium of Pondok Indah Mall 2
This event is held by Grazia Indonesia, and Beyond Indonesia
I know you've heard about them before..
Grazia Indonesia is one of my favorite women magazine, provides all we need from a magazine.We need beauty articles, fashion articles, love and life issues, and everything!. And Beyond is a skincare and make up line from Korea, the counter is in Pondok Indah Mall 1, near to Metro.

But what makes it unique from Beyond is, they only give us the best by giving the best from nature, and not doing any test on animal on their products. But their products are still various, with a very cute packaging, and great skincare products. We can't ask for more! that's all we need in our beauty products right?
The Venue

Here is the venue of the event :)
Here is the venue,
With a cozy lighting, and warm ambiance inside the restaurant,
Dominated with neutral earthy colors (brown, creme, and a bit of green)
And also the warm greetings from all the Grazia Indonesia teams,
Makes me feel excited even more on that day!

When i arrived, Grazia team invited me to taste the canape and drinks,
Those yummy canape from Fiddleheads..
I know you will like their canape,
It taste so good!

Go to their restaurant to taste this Canape
And also,
To make this become more like a beauty event,
Beyond Indonesia and Grazia Indonesia, also prepared this beaauttifullll display of Beyond make up and skincare products, and also, a helpful beauty assistant to explain about their products..

Im asking much about Beyond products,
What's the ingredients, how to use it, and everything,
And Beyond Indonesia BA is able to explain all my questions with a very clear explanation..

Skincare department

This is their 'First Essence', best selling skincare from their line :)
This is their skincare line products display (but this is not all, readers, you must go to their store to see their whole skincare range)
I asked the BA, which skincare product, is their 'MUST HAVE' product?
Beyond BA said, if im going to try anything from their skincare line, it would be True Eco Charm Organic First Essence.

And guess what, i already have it readers!
I bought it after the event (They gave us Rp 200.000,- disc voucher with min.purchase of Rp 400.000,-)
And i will share the review here, on my blog after i used it at least for a few weeks...

I love the idea of rabbit and a present, it means a gift from nature

How cute is the packaging of their make up line ?
Have you seen this cute lipsticks?
And also the eyeshadow and blusher?

I know you are drooling to at least swatch it on the back of your hand, (don't lie)
Or you wanna try it straightly on your lips?

a closer look of their 'save us' series lipstick
When i asked the BA, why this lipstick has an animal shape on it, 
Because Beyond is not experimenting their products on animal...
So i guess 'save us' lipstick series has a message to not doing animal testing on any make up or skincare production... 
(Makes me love this brand even MORE)

Ah, and i also try it on my lips
I wanna test the texture and the color on my lips :)
Here is the picture

Me and Beyond Beauty Assistant
As you can see on the pictures above,
Their make up line, mostly has a subtle and soft color shade,
And some of them has a shimmery particle on it..
I love the color, you can wear it daily! and also the the moist texture on it..
Makes it more wearable.. :)

I know you are STUNNED by their products already,
But hey,
We are just  about to start, to talk about,

The EVENT...

Ibu Tenik Hartono looks pretty on her green batik dress
Ibu Tenik Hartono, greets us, and wish us enjoy the event
(I love how she dressed up in green cheongsam batik)  
After ibu Tenik open the event, ci Daisy Kwee (Grazia Executive Beauty Editor) and ci Hanny Zheng (Brand & Marketing Manager Beyond Indonesia) take over the event, and start the beauty talkshow.

They explain to us, how Korean girls treat their skin and get those glowing skin we see on those K Drama,
The fact is, they are taking a very good care of their skin
And as i heard before, 
They eat well, sleep well, doing exercise to keep their skin in healthy condition,
And yes it is NOT easy to get a healthy and glowing skin..
We must maintain our skin constantly. 

Ci Daisy even share a beauty secret of Suzy Miss A,
How she maintain the beauty of her skin,
She doing 4 2 4 method everyday.
Do you know what 4 2 4 method is, readers?

4 2 4 method is :
1. Massage your face and neck for 4 minutes, with massage oil or cleansing oil
2. Layer the oil with your cleansing milk products, and massage it for 2 minutes,
3. Rinse your face with warm water for 2 minutes, and after that, rinse your face with cold water for another 2 minutes (total 4 minutes)
click to source

Believe it or not,
I never knew what 4 2 4 method is before..
And i never knew, massaging our face is very important to stimulate our blood circulation in face, in order to make our skin healthy and glowing.. (aha, look who's just learn new things? me!)

Jeanice Lie also share her experience about make up and skincare
After that, Jeanice Lie also share to us,
About her experience on skincare and make up,
She is a beautiful blogger, and also co owner of Lavie Lash 
Looking forward to meet this beautiful girl again someday!

Honestly, I am more into skincare products than make up since this mid year,
I discover that my skin condition is very BAD,
My problem is dullness, dry skin with dry patches, pores, breakout, dark circle, puffy eyes, and everything!

But instead of fixing my skin condition, im not doing anything about it and keep buying make up instead of skincare.. can you believe it readers?
So after i know how bad my skin is, i start to concern more about my skin...
And buy more skincare than make up...

The Make Up Demo

Im so grateful i can come to this event,
Because i can meet the grazia indonesia team, and meet my personal favorite make up artist, Philips Kwok,
He can makes someone looks WOW without putting 'too much' make up, and for some event, he makes the model's face look very different, with his BOLD make up technique ! i totally love his work of art..
Check his instagram here

Its Mr. Philips Kwok!
We had a little chit chat with Mr. Philips, before he start the make up demo,
I must say he is also a fun and very stylish guy!
Look at what he is wearing..
What a cool outift!
Fish scale texture sweater with jeans and gold sneakers..

When the MC ask the audience,
Who wants to be a model for Philips, i see a LOT of beautiful woman raise their hands,
Honestly, i WANT to raise my hand too!
I want to be his model too!

But i already become a model make up for Ms. Rina on my previous event
So my face was very heavy with make up products at that time...

They choose Saskia, to be a model on that day :)

And here she is,
Saskia become a model for Mr. Philips..
Mr. Philips also used all skincare and make up products from Beyond, wow.... :)

Okay readers, if you are ready, i write the steps, from cleansing, skin care, make up, and the finishing touch!

Cleansing :
Mr. Philips cleanse saskia's face first, using beyond's cleansing milk and toner, this is the base step, and every make up artist do this cleansing part with a different way, some of them just put the cleansing milk on a cotton pad and start to do the cleansing process.
Some of them put the cleansing milk in a proper amount on their hands, and make a round massage movement. It based on their preference...

Beyond have a wide range of cleanser products, from water cleanser, oil cleanser, milk cleanser, facial foam cleanser, deep pore cleanser, and cleansing tissue! you can choose which one do you like, based on your preference, but i will give you a glimpse of their product, just click on the picture below and you will straightly go to the products explanation on Beyond website, and click here to see their wide range of cleanser.

Apple Mint Fresh Cleansing WaterApple Mint Fresh Cleansing OilBeyond  eco clean  cleansing lotion

Skincare Routine :
Almost all of the make up artist doing this before they start to do the make up. If every make up artist do this, it means we all must concern more about our skin. Remember, if we are wearing make up everyday, but not cleanse it properly, and also do the skincare routine, it will tortured our skin.

I still remember Mr. Philips use the same first essence and massage it a bit on saskia's face, it will make the essence absorb faster and deeper on our skin. I see how he massage Saskia's face, he puts the first essence on his hands, and rub it to make the essence warm and easier to absorb, and then massage it on Saskia's face

Beyond True Eco Charm Organic First Essence
Click this picture!

Base make up :
As the base, Mr. Philips used Beyond Ideal Finisher (as a prime) and bb cream, and once again rub it on his hands, and then applied it on model's face. The way he applied it on model's face is similar with the way he applied the first essence. He didn't use brush to applied it, so it will gives a natural look on the model's face.. (that's why i love Mr. Philips make up art work, it will shows your natural beauty, rather than make it looks fake). For the last touch, he used Beyond face powder to set everything up in a natural way!
If you have oily skin, you can also use their sebum control powder, it will absorb your excess oil like a blotting paper, and its translucent!

This is the Ideal Finisher we were talking about, click to the picture to go straightly on Beyond site, and read more about this product. I tried this on the back of my hand before the event start. The texture is thick and moist, and i think it will makes our make up stays and give a little glow effect.
Beyond True Eco Organic Ideal Finisher
Ideal Finisher
They have a big range of BB cream, and if you wanna try it, simply go to their store in Pondok Indah Mall, and ask their BA to help us to choose the right product for your skin. But to see their wide range of BB cream, simply click the picture below, and it will straightly direct you to their site.
LOVELY-UP Cotton BB Cream
Click me!

This is the sebum control powder, it's a compact powder that act like a blotting paper on your face. It absorb your oil excess in a good way. The colour of the powder compact is white, but don't worry, because this powder is a translucent powder.
LOVELY-UP Sebum Control Pact
What a cute packaging

Eyes Department :

And now, for the eyes department, i found something really interesting, because this is also a new trick i learn from Mr. Philips, i learn to draw my brow using a spoon! He says, spoon will never lie, and will gives you a steady and perfect eyebrow arch! So no need to buy those eyebrow shaper (usually in korean make up line store), and yes, just use your spoon.. as simple as that...

Mr Phillips first use Beyond's orange lip crayon to prime Saskia's eyes to make the eyeshadow stick longer, and after that, he used the lighter eyeshadow color to draw saskia's inner corner of the eyes, and use a darker shade to raising her eyes and makes it appear larger, draw a cat eye liner style on Saskia's eyes using a spidol look a like eyeliner from Beyond (he says this eyeliner is sooo easy to use), and put a little mascara to make her eyes appear bigger...

(Psstt.. you know what? Mr. Philips actually take off Saskia's scotch in the beginning, but he still can make a massive change on Saskia's eyes even without the scotch) 

To cover her under eye circle, Mr. Philip used Beyond's highlighter compact powder to reflecting the dark circle color. He prefer to used highlighter than concealer, why? because concealer is tend to crack in our skin (i also experiencing this issue).

Can you see how Mr. Philips put a lighter shade and darker shade of eyeshadow on Saskia's eyes?
You can see Beyond's eye make up range on my pictures above (on the event section), but i will show you which Beyond eye products attract my attention the most. A very neutral color of eyeshadow, a mascara that can make my eyelashes longer (because mine is so short), and a good eyebrow liner is all i need everyday!
Lovely-up Dual Eyeshadow(PINK)
Lovely up Dual Eyeshadow

Beyond Line Artist Long & Curl Mascara
Beyond's Long and Curl Mascara

Just Beyond Line Artist Eyebrow #01
Line Artist Eyebrow

Cheeks and lips department

Cheeks and lips department are also my favorite, dont you feel the same readers? For saskia's cheeks, Mr. Philips used a light pink blush and applied it lightly on Saskia's cheeks, to make her face fresher but still natural. After that, Mr Philips draw a red gradient lips using Beyond's red lip crayon, and lipgloss to finish the lips! Because as we knew, gradient lips become korean girl's make up signature.

Here is Beyond's lips and cheeks range of color, you're gonna love it, trust me :)

LOVELY-UP Pang Pang Cheek
Lovely Up Pang Pang Cheeks in Pink
It's cute rightt? i knoowww... And if you prefer to wear other color that pink, dont worry because they have total 4 colors of Lovely Up Pang Pang Cheeks. Just click picture to find more about this product.

Just Beyond  Save Us Cheek 05-Red Coral
Save Us Blush

You've seen their Save Us cute lipstick (the one with the animal shape, remember?) now, its the save us blush on. This Save Us blush has total 7 colors on their line, click here to see the whole cheeks products.

Mr. Philips used red lip crayon to draw a gradient lips on Saskia's lips,(you can also see their lips product on my photos on the venue section) but now i will share their favorite products of lips, and you will love their lips products. There are aqua tinted rouge, lip tints, lip gloss, lipstick, and lip crayon, click here to see all the lips range ! :)

Beyond Aqua Tinted Rouge 08
Aqua Tinted Rouge
There are total 8 colors on this line, and it looks like a lip gloss with a vivid color, click to the picture to see all the color. But for me, i love this pink fuschia color, how about you readers?

Beyond fairy lips 6. blossom flower lip gloss
Beyond Fairy Lips
 This is their lip gloss product, with total 5 shades, red, white, pink, creme, and coral. Their gloss has a shimmer particle on it, and not too thick glossy texture. I love this red shade the most, because red lipgloss will makes our face fresh instantly! 

The Make Up Challange

After Mr. Philips done with Saskia's face, now it's time to do the make over contest! The MC asked us to practice make up technique we learn from Mr. Phillips on our friend's face. There will be a special gift for all the contestant! 

Mr. Philips and the MC choose 3 contestants (with their friend as a model) and here they are... :)

The Excitement
All the participants are very excited to join this competition
And if im not mistaken, they only have 10 or 15 mins to done the look..
After the time is up, Mr. Philips check each contestant's make up creation on their model, and give them a good input, and plus, all the contestants and models get a prize for their effort... 
Very niceee!!!

Mr. Philips give a constructive input to all the contestants
The prize is probably a voucher,
Because they put it in an envelope and Mr. Philip ask them to share the prize (the contestants and their models). Its so fun! We have no time to feel bored at all!

The Door Prize!

After the make up challenge, another interesting moment happened when the MC announce the name of the dor prize winner will be announced soon, and ci Daisy take the fishbowl with all the participants name on it (we write our name on a pink card, and put it in a fish bowl).

Who will be the winner?

They have 2 prizes for 2 lucky participants...
The winner will get 1 year free subscription Grazia magazine ! and also a prize from Beyond Indonesia...
Ohh how lucky they are :)


The Group Photos..

After the event done, we make a group photo together, with all the participants, Ibu Tenik, Jeanice Lie, ci Daisy Kwee, and ci Hanny Zheng, this is our photo group :)
This is very exciting because there are a lot of us,

We're not ready yet!

We're almost ready now
We are READY!
After the group photo, i don't wanna lose my chance to take a picture with Mr. Philips, Ibu Tenik, Jeanice, ci Deasy, and ci Hanny :) Here is the pictures...

Im so happy i can attend this event,
I got a chance to learn korean skincare routine, and
Meet all the Grazia and Beyond teams, 
and also, get a wonderful freebies from Grazia and Beyond,
(We go straight to Beyond Indonesia counter to take our freebies and buy something there.. i decide to buy their first essence)

Picture was taken from Grazia instagram

This picture was taken from Beyond Indonesia instagram

What a great event,
I got a lot of new things here, meet new people, and experiencing this wonderful excitement with Grazia and Beyond Indonesia.
Im looking forward to go to their event again someday! 

Thank you Grazia Indonesia and  Beyond Indonesia :)
With Love,