Red Rose Blooming

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Red Christmas Outfit for Mrs. Santa Clause

Greetings from Theresia and Theresa ;)
Welcome to my blog readers...
Christmas is my favorite time of the year..
Because i will hear Christmas songs everywhere i go, and every place will have a beautiful Christmas decoration... 
Im sure you are enjoying this month as much as i do.. 
But before christmas is come,
Have you prepared your christmas outfit?

For my first Christmas edition post,
( will make 3 posts)
I choose to wear RED outfit,
Because i want this Christmas to be MERRY and HAPPY :)

I always love to wear midi dress,
and not wearing too much accessories..
If you follow my Instagram you will see me in a simple (mostly plain) dress, holding a simple bag, and nude heels most of the time ;D
 Im a simple girl...

Red is not just for Chinese New Year,
In fact, Santa Clause's outfit is red too!
Red is also my favorite color (beside white)
But im avoiding white on red, because..
Yeah i will look like Mrs. Santa..

But hey, 
I can be the modern version of Mrs. Santa..
I will help him make toys, double check all the gifts list, make a yummy hot chocolate for Mr. Santa, take a good care of his elfs,
(But i refuse to take care of his reindeers )

(Don't shock and scream if you accidently see me in your house putting gifts under your christmas tree, wearing 14cm heels, and red dress like this)

Dress : Zara
Heart Necklace : Topshop
Nude Clutch : New Look
Shoes : Bellashoes

Because this time, im wearing all red,
I will wear my favorite color on the next christmas outfit post..
Yes i will wear white
I'll see you on my next post readers...

With Love,
Theresia Juanita

Friday, 12 December 2014


Hello again readers...
Today i will bring you something that people all around the world love to wear..
In fact maybe your wear it often.
Black and white
Click to see it on my IG
This is the look i made for a gadget campaign
But i think, it would be a waste if i dont make a special post about this look 
Because i like it, and i wear this monochromatic outfit a lot..
So, here it is...

On this post, i will not talk about the gadget,
But i will just talk about my look..
Black and white is one of my favorite combination color..

You can be classy, you can be edgy, you can be sweet,
You can be anything!

Hope you like my post readers,
And i see you on my next post :)

With Love,
Theresia Juanita

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Syanni Artworks
Click this logo!

 Dear my readers..

Today, i would like to introduce Syanni Artworks to you. This will helps my readers who loves to make a beautiful artworks, and want to make a beautiful and creative invitation, wanna customized their gadget case, or anything!

Feby Syanni is a Graphic Designer that known as the co-founder of Syanni Artworks (FYI: she is my classmate in college, we are pretty close though! ;) ). She is really in love with the art of illustrator, and to develop her artworks, she has been set up Syanni Artworks for her original artworks with special offer, such as made by request only one could have it. That called personalized illustrator and paper. 

Personalized Illustrator refers to self-portrait sketching or anything that could be in sketched. Nowadays, Syanni Artworks develop self-portrait picture into fashion illustration. Look at me I’m in her fashion illustration inspiration

Besides that, the picture that has been illustrated or sketched could be applied on phone case and canvas. Below this, It’s my picture applied on Iphone 6 case.

I Love it! if you remember my older post in kota tua, Jakarta, you will remember the source picture...
Yes its based from my picture. Febby makes it with a creativity and i love it!

For custom case they have the several phone cases that available in Syanni Artworks, such as: Apple, Blackberry, Asus, and Samsung.
Canvas available in 90x60cm and 60x40cm.

I know you have a favorite picture of you, you with your loved one, your pet, or anything... If you wanna put your favorite picture anywhere.. just ask Febby to make it for you darling...
(I know you want to look stylish head over heels, but remember, you also bring your gadget anywhere you go, so make sure it looks nice too!)

Beside this, they also make a personalized wedding invitation, party invitation, stationery, and greeting card.. And you know what, if you are creative enough, you can also make a PROPOSAL CARD!
Here, take a look..

So, what are you waiting for readers? Show what you feel and expression with Syanni Artworks! you can click to the logo above to go straightly go to their site.
Or if you still confuse and need a good input on how to personalized your greeting card, or you wanna make something and expressed it with card like this proposal card, feel free to consult your design with them.
I believe Febby will helps you with her creative ideas..

Contact them right now!

On WEB : Syanni Art Works
On INSTAGRAM : @syanniartworks
WA : +62 812 22402547

Stay Confident With NIVEA Extra Whitening Advanced Care Deodorant

Dear my Readers,
Here is my story of becoming a regular user of NIVEA Extra Whitening Advanced Care Deodorant
With my busy activity every day, that makes me running here and there to get things done,
I want to keep myself fresh and confident everyday..
As you can see on the video,
I have a GUTS to do the house hold works and then meet my friends or anyone after!
Wanna get a GUTS to do that like me?

NIVEA Extra Whitening Advanced Care Deodorant
NIVEA extra whitening deodorant contains a pearl extract and vitamin c on it..
The pearl extract will gives you smooth and even out underarm, while the vitamin C will brightened your underarm
Who wants to have a bright and smooth under arm?

And not just that,
This deodorant will gives you 48 hours protection,
So you can be like me, sweeping and mopping floor, and then meet up with my boyfriend without feeling anxious about having a bad odor..
With just 7 DAYS of using, you can get a smoother, brighter, and even toned armpit skin!
See you in here à

NIVEA Photo Competition
Now we are heading to the #NIVEAconfideo competition that will be running this month!
And win NIVEA product hampers worth of 1-years-supplies for 2 winners weekly!
Yes, 2 not just 1 winner, and weekly!
Winner will be picked weekly!
The rules are sooo simple,
You just take a picture of your most confidence pose and upload to Clozette Indonesia and Instagram by doing these simple steps:
  1. LOGIN or SIGN UP as Clozette Indonesia member
2.       UPLOAD photos with your most confident pose to Clozette Indonesia with hashtag #NIVEAConfideo
Or you can UPLOAD from your INSTAGRAM account that has been connected with your Clozette account with hashtag #ClozetteID #NIVEAConfideo*
*On your Clozette account, choose “Setting” menu > click “Switch ON” on Instagram Connect section
3.       Don’t forget to SEE you’re your photo and the other contestant’s photos on the gallery page
The photos you upload must be :
·      Selfie or OOTD with pose that screams confidence
·      Preferably wearing a sleeveless top
·      Subtly showing underarm
(the examples are like my photos above)
Isn’t it easy readers?
And plus, if you are already using NIVEA Extra Whitening Advanced Care Deodorant,
You don’t have to worried doing that kind of poses!
Let’s take a pictures and upload it..
Good luck!

With Love,
Theresia Juanita

Monday, 8 December 2014

Blazer Cape for Sunday Getaway

Blazer Cape is one of the HOTTEST fashion item this month
And i'm trying to pull out this look...
I want to make it more me..
Blazer cape in feminine way..

So before i went to Ikan Bakar Cianjur Restaurant in Alam Sutera yesterday,
Mommy brought me 2 new dresses..
One is black, other is grey..
But apparently, the dress is very short!

So how can i save that dress from being dumped?
(I will wear anything my mom and my sister gave me..)
I paired it with my BLAZER CAPE!

So do you like what i did to save my grey mini dress?
Now, i will (literally) keep it,
And wear it with my blazer cape, or blazer, or cardigan.
I believe blazer cape will stay still until next year...

Apparently, my nephew likes my outfit too!
(Dante is my nephew from my sister, Fiona..)

Well, see you on my next post everyone!
I hope you enjoy this post as much as i am...
Happy monday, 
And be happy!


With Love,
TJ (and Dante)